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Mitchell Joachim on TED Talks


What do you think of this TED talk by Mitchell Joachim and his discussion about growing homes?  The strategy he proposes for creating “green villages”, pleaching – which is where vegetation is fused together to then create desired geometries –  makes an architecture that is the landscape.   We could potentially “pre-grow” a community, as Joachim puts it, providing homes for millions of people that instead of harming the environment, will just eliminate carbon from the air.   Things get even  more interesting when Joachim shares how his own studio is growing extracellular matrix from pigs, and can print geometries to make objects.  Check out his new wall section idea for a meat house which replaces standard wall construction with fatty cells for insulation and cilia for tackling wind loads.   Joachim is doing some interesting things in his studio and we want to know what you think of his ideas.