MenoMenoPiu Proposes Capsule Hotel for Short-Term Housing in Paris


With nearly 120 museums, has the largest concentration of museums in the world. This, as MenoMenoPiu Architects believes, puts the city at risk of becoming a living conservatory. Therefore the Parisian practice has proposed the “EauBerge Paris Capsule Hotel” as a way to mitigate the need for short-term housing for tourists and preserve the quality of everyday life for residents.

“Just like the other European capitals such as Rome, Venice, or Barcelona, Paris risks to become a city museum,” says MenoMenoPiu. “The increase of tourists in the French Capital causes panic and also leads to a gradual decentralization from the Parisians.”

“The Hug” / MenoMenoPiu Architects & Paolo Venturella

Courtesy of MenoMenoPiu Architects & Paolo Venturella

MenoMenoPiu Architects & Paolo Venturella just released their entry for the Alvar Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Competition in Helsinki. Their proposal focuses on the creation of an energy-efficient learning environment that rethinks the traditional courtyard typology. It uses different levels and heights to create a variety of public and private spaces open to both students and inhabitants of the city, all while framing the main building.

The architects’ description after the break. 

‘The Slabs’ – Italian Pavilion Expo 2015 Proposal / MenoMenoPiu Architects + BE.ST Architect

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MenoMenoPiu Architects + BE.ST Architect shared with us their proposal for the Italian Pavilion Expo 2015. Titled ‘The Slabs’, their design consists of a light cage where the technical innovation is embedded within the structure: revolutionary glass columns sustain traditional slabs clad in marble. Simple and elegant in its structural system, marble and glass are intertwined to express the Italian architectural tradition of proportion and elegance. More images and architects’ description after the break.

‘The Twist’: Tokyo Olympic Stadium Competition Entry / MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes

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Designed as not only a sports stadium, but as a city fragment, the design by MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes is an attractor: innovative and a generator of vitality. Given the name The Twist, their proposal for the Olympic Stadium is expanding in order to better reach users’ requirements: proximity, diversity, and accessibility. Their conept, unlike other conventional stadiums, is an elliptical spiral which is gradually unrolling and forming. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Light Forest: Helsinki Central Library Competition Entry / MenoMenoPiu Architects

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Situated in the new green heart of , the ‘Light Forest’ proposal for the Central Library intends to replace the existing green that the architects will subtract to the park in a perfectly controlled indoor environment. Occupying 4500m² of the site, MenoMenoPiu Architects decided to conceive the building as a tree forest enclosed in a climatic box, in which the structure represents the causality of the wood. More images and architects’ description after the break.

‘Solar Loop’ Competition Entry / Paolo Venturella & MenoMenoPiu Architects

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Designed by Paolo Venturella & MenoMenoPiu Architects, their ‘Solar Loop’ finalist entry for the Land Art Generator Initiative competition aims to expose more surface as possible to the southern solar rays. Sited in FreshKills Park in City, the shape comes directly from the solar diagrams, and deals easily with the sun following it with the best angle almost like a frozen artificial sunflower.bThe aesthetic of the sculpture is the result of this dialogue that becomes synthesis between the solar power and the park. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Daegu Gosan Public Library Competition Entry / MenoMenoPiu Architects

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MenoMenoPiu Architects have shared their submission for the Gosan Public Library Competition in , Korea.  This project focuses on creating a community with ’s Metropolitan Center with consideration for urban flows and social trends.  Join us after the break for more.

New Bauhaus Museum / MenoMenoPiu Architects

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MenoMenoPiu Architects shared with us their winning proposal in the Classic Siftung international competition for the New Bauhaus Museum. The building is conceived as an open square at the crossing point of the three main city forces, old and new city and the park, a flexible “object” that allows different activities inside and around it. More images and architects’ description after the break.

‘Stavia 2012′ Hotel-Spa Proposal / Menomenopiu Architects

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The hotel-spa building proposal for the ‘Stavia 2012′ competition aims to be fully integrated with the landscape, for it is covered by a green slope that hides the stack of the building. Designed by Menomenopiu Architects, the building is no longer an urban border between the city and the lake but it rather becomes nature’s means to claim and regain the bank by providing the user with a promenade equipped with different services. More images and architects’ description after the break.