Fries Museum / Bierman Henket architecten

© Michel Kievits

Architects: Bierman Henket architecten
Location: Zaailand, Leeuwarden, The
Architect In Charge:
Collaborator: Bonnema Architecten
Year: 2013
Photographs: Michel Kievits

Veilige Veste / KAW Architecten

© Gerard Van Beek Fotografie

Architects: KAW Architecten
Location: Leeuwarden,
Architect In Charge: Beatrice Montesano, Johannes Klimstra
Design Team: Kasper Niezen, Annette Barelds, Dennis Hofman, Reinier Buisman
Installations: Technion
Constructions: EconStruct
Photographs: Gerard Van Beek Fotografie 

Europan 11 Proposal: Leeuwarden / CUAC Arquitectura, Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos, Luis Miguel Ruiz Aviles

Courtesy of , , Luis Miguel Ruiz Aviles

The Europan 11 winning proposal by CUAC Arquitectura, Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos, and Luis Miguel Ruiz Aviles arises Niwu Water Garden by the ensounter of three main materials: water, city and farmland. In a scenic enclave of particular importance to the city of Leeuwarden an appropriate balance between these materials allows to think about a hybrid landscape which establishs a transition between rural and urban. The result is a new environment in which elements of the city (the traditional and the present) establish a proper dialogue with the existing agricultural plot and its associated infrastructure. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Europan 11 – Leeuwarden Housing Proposal / OODA + OOIIO

Courtesy of +

The design of the proposal by OODA + OOIIO was instinctively developed under basic and determinant assumptions reflected from the local. Water, rurality, urbanity and cultural habits and traditions. They have tried to form an interactive balance among all the premises and found in nature a conceptual framework that served as a starting point for the formalization of their urban housing plan. The floating water lilies. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Dogma House Leeuwarden / Onix

Courtesy of Onix

Architects: Onix
Location: , The
Client: private
Project architects: Haiko Meijer, Alex van de Beld
Design team: René Harmanni
Size: 205 m2
Completion: 2005
Photographer: Courtesy of Onix


Steel Study House II / Archipelontwepers

© Marcel van der Burg

Architects: Eric VreedenburghArchipelontwepers
Location: Leeuwarden,
Team: Coen Bouwmeester, Guido Zeck
Contractor: BSB Staalbouw
Project year: 2007-2010
Photographs: Marcel van der Burg