In Progress: Lotte World Tower / KPF

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Construction of the in Seoul, South Korea designed by high-rise architectural firm KPF is well underway. Won via an international design competition, this new tower will rise up to a pinnacle height of 555 meters. Organized around a mixed-use program including retail, office, hotel and an observation deck at the peak, the tower pulls inspiration from historical Korean arts of ceramics, porcelain, and calligraphy. More details after the break.


Beaty Biodiversity Center and Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory / Patkau Architects

© James Dow

The Beaty Biodiversity Center and the Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory are located on Main Mall, the central north/south spine of the University of British Columbia. Together they form a complex of related environmental science functions; a new campus precinct organized around a generous exterior courtyard space which is bisected by new cross-campus pedestrian and bicycle connections.

The principal exhibition space of the museum located within the Beaty Biodiversity Center is a glass “lantern” featuring an enormous skeleton of a Blue Whale creating a public face for the complex towards the Mall.  Follow the break for drawings and photographs.

Architects: Patkau Architects
Location: , British Columbia,
Client: University of British Columbia
Project Year: 2002 – 2009
Photographs: James Dow

Anschutz Commons / Semple Brown Design

© Miller Hall Photography

Architects: Semple Brown Design
Location: , Colorado, USA
Project Area: 15,000 sqf
Project Year: June 2011
Photographs: Miller Hall Photography

Center for Life Science | Boston / Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

© Ed Wonsek

Architect: Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
Location: Boston, Massachusetts,
Project Size: 777,600 square feet
Project Year: 2008
Photographers: Jeffrey Totaro, Ed Wonsek

Woodland Park Zoo New West Entry / Weinstein A|U

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Weinstein A|U
Location: Seattle, ,
Design Team: Rob Kiker, Ed Weinstein, Kirsten Wild
Project Size: 97,909 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

331 Foothill Road Office Building / Ehrlich Architects

© RMA Architectural Photographers

Architect: Ehrlich Architects
Location: , California
Project Year: 2009
Client: City of Beverly Hills
Contractor: Bayley Construction
Structural Engineer: John A. Martin & Associates Inc.
MEP Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineer
Civil Engineer: KPFF
Landscape Design: LRM Inc.
Acoustic Consultant: Schaffer Acoustics Inc.
Lighting Consultant: HLB Lighting Design
Cost Estimation: C.P. O’Halloran Associates
Specifications: CSI Specifications
Photography: RMA Architectural Photographers


Barcelona Elementary School / Baker Architecture + Design

© Richard Nunez

Architect: Baker Architecture + Design
Location: , New Mexico
Project Year: 2009
Client: Albuquerque Public School
Building Area: 12,500 SqFt
Contractor: MV Industries Inc.
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer: CME Inc.
Structural Engineer: MacCornack Engineering
Civil Engineer: High Mesa Consulting
Consultant: Halcom Consulting
Acoustical Consultant: Southwest Noise Control
Photography: Richard Nunez


Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration (ISTB4) / Ehrlich Architects



Arizona State University’s new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4 (ISTB 4) was designed to be a progressive home for ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) and some departments from the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE). At 294,000 sq.-ft., this seven-story “smart” structure will be the largest research facility in the history of the university. In addition to cutting-edge laboratories and research offices, ISTB 4 will house extensive public outreach and K-12 education spaces designed to engage the Greater Phoenix community in earth and space exploration. Ehrlich Architects’ new State University School of Earth and Space Exploration is a clearly organized laboratory building that will enhance the research, science and educational programs housed within.

Chandler Gilbert Community College Ironwood Hall / Architekton

© Bill Timmerman / Architekton

Architect: Architekton
Location: , Arizona
Project Year: 2009
Project Cost: $12.9M
Client: Maricopa County Community College District
Contractor: Caliente Construction
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer: Energy Systems Design
Structural Design: Paragon Structural Design
Civil Engineer: Hess-Rountree Inc.
Laboratory Planning & Programming: Lord Aeck & Sargent
Acoustical Engineer: Convergent Technologies
Sustainable Consultant: Ecological Environments Inc.
Geotechnical Consultant: RAMM
Landscape Architect: Terrano
Metal Works: Total Metals + WBE Steel Services Inc.
Photography: Timmerman Photography, Mike Small Photography


Rosa Parks Apartments / Landon Bone Baker Architects

© Andreas Larsson

Rosa Parks Apartments consists of the development of 94 affordable rental apartments in 8 buildings scattered across 21 city lots in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. In order to achieve an economy of scale and affordability, the buildings vary from 6 to 27 units and are all a variation on a theme of the same modular facade. Only 2 types of windows are used throughout the development, and scattered 1 and 2-story colored bays project from the front and rear of the buildings—adding definition to their facades.

Architect: Landon Bone Baker Architects
Developer/Owner: Joy Aruguete, Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation
Location: Chicago, ,
Lead Architect: Peter Landon
Structural Engineer: Joseph Farruggia, GFGR Inc.
General Contractor: Danegza Cordero, Humboldt Construction Company
Concrete Contractor/Producer: Dan Kolb, Prestress Engineering Group
Landscape Architect: Mimi McKay, McKay Landscape Architects
Consultants: John Katrakis, J.T. Katrakis and Associates; Ray Walston, Prism Engineering Inc.
Project Area: 130,350 sqf
Photographs: Andreas Larsson

Center for Community at the University of Colorado at Boulder / Centerbrook Architects with Davis Partnership Architects

© Paul Brokering

The Center for Community at the University of at Boulder established a commanding architectural and unifying presence when it opened last fall, immediately becoming the go-to-place to break bread, have meetings, and make new friends on a sprawling campus with 30,000 residents. The 900-seat, street-market styled dining complex serves as the heartbeat of the new “C4C,” as the 320,000-square-foot building is known in collegiate shorthand.

Architect: Centerbrook Architects with Davis Partnership Architects
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Project Area: 320,000 sqf
Photographs: Paul Brokering, Casey Cass

Video: Global Conservation Center / FXFOWLE

This building is now the headquarters for the Wildlife Conservation Society. Designed by FXFOWLE, the Global Conservation Center sits in the middle of the Zoo. The building harmonizes so well with the site that the wild animals hardly give notice to its presence; they treat it much like they treat a natural rock outcropping in the landscape. This makes for interesting employee lunches where they spend their time observing wild turkeys, swooping Inca terns and many other creatures. The design capitalizes on this wonderful opportunity by drawing staff outside with generous terraces and a patio the size of the staff dinning room. From more information check out the video and read Laura Raskin’s article at Architectural Record’s website.

Source: ArchRecord

The University of Pennsylvania Music Building / Ann Beha Architects

© David Lamb Photography

Ann Beha Architects designed the award-winning Music Building at the University of Pennsylvania. The project consolidates distributed academic resources; revitalizes a prominent 19th century landmark; provides new community spaces for faculty and students, and serves as a model for the compatibility of historic and contemporary design expression. As the campus’ first building, this project demonstrates that preservation, new design, and program can together produce a sustainable result.

Architect: Ann Beha Architects
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Project Area: 11,200 sqf New Construction, 13,800 sf Renovation
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: David Lamb Photography

The Gateway Center, Westchester Community College / Ennead Architects

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Located at the east entrance to the campus, the new Gateway Center is emblematic of the College’s commitment to a more accessible education for residents of Westchester County and to an American college experience for the many recent immigrants seeking to improve the quality of their lives. Its design was inspired by this vision, and the building is intended as a physical embodiment of the word gateway: an entrance or means of access. Sited to take advantage of the natural beauty of the campus landscape, the Gateway Center is a threshold to the College and an initial expression of campus identity. Building and site are unified to form a sustainable daylit environment. Combining references to the campus’ architectural legacy and state-of-the-art technology, the building creates a unique educational crossroads and a defining center for campus life.

Architect: Ennead Architects
Location: Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York,
Project Team: Susan Rodriguez FAIA (Design Partner), Timothy Hartung FAIA (Management Partner), Joanne Sliker AIA (Project Manager), John Zimmer AIA (Project Architect/Design), Patrick Golden AIA (Project Architect/Construction), Harry Park, Craig McIllhenny AIA, Mimi Madigan, Paul Keene AIA, Charles Brainerd AIA, Maura Rogers, Kyo-Youn Jin, Yekta Pakdaman-Hamedani, Mathew Bissen AIA, Saem Oh, Charmian Place, Joerg Kiesow, Dan Stube AIA
Structural Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates
MEP Engineer: Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer
Landscape Architect: Towers | Golde
Lighting: Susan Brady Lighting Design
Graphics: H Plus Incorporated
Acoustics / AV / Telecom: Cerami & Associates
Geotechnical/Civil: Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Construction Manager: STV
Project Area: 70,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects

The Sunset Community Centre / Bing Thom Architects

© Nic Lehoux

The Sunset Community Centre was conceived as a link between nature and the vibrant multi-cultural communities that surround it. Unique yet not foreign to its surroundings, Sunset Community Centre is an elegant and transparent building, carefully sited on a major thoroughfare to give the building visibility and accessibility to the community. The back and sides of the building serve as a background for outdoor activities with its spectacular southern views and setting among the fields, greenhouses and planting beds of the adjacent Vancouver Park Board site.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: 6810 Main Street, Vancouver, ,
Project Team: Michael Heeney, John Camfield Venelin Kokalov, Francis Yan, Arno Matis, Eric Boelling, Shinobu Homma, Marcos Hui
Structure Engineer: Gerry Epp & John Miller, Fast + Epp / StructureCraft
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Jason Weir, Roger Sum, Stantec
Landscape Architect: Blair Guppy, Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Builder: Peter Bazilewich & Alex Strega, Haebler Construction
Code Equivalency: Ken Chow & Susana Chui, Pioneer Consultants
Cost: George Evans, LEC Quantity Surveyors
Parking: David Tam, Bunt & Associates
Acoustics: Bob Strachan, Brown Strachan Associates
Commissioning: Kevin May, Airmec Systems
Geotechnical/Civil Engineer: Steven Fofonoff, GeoPacific Consultants
Project Area: 30,000 sqf
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Nic Lehoux, Ergi Bozyigit

Langara Student Union / Teeple Architects in association with IBI/HB Architects

© Shai Gil Photography

The new Langara Student Union is designed as a focal point and center of the main quad at Langara College. It flows out from between two existing buildings bringing students from the 49th Street entrance into the heart of the campus and public square – drawing life into the outdoor space.

Architects: Teeple Architects Inc in association with IBI/HB Architects
Location: Vancouver,
Principal in Charge: Stephen Teeple (OAA, FRAIC )
Project Team: Myles Craig, Luc Bouliane, William Elsworthy, Rob Cheung, Jeff Christiansen, Billy Quan, Martin Bruckner
Structural: WSB
Mechanical: IMEC Mechanical
Electrical: Genivar
Geo-Tech: Geo Pacific
LEED: Enermodal Engineers
Landscape: Francesco Martire – Teeple Architects Inc
Envelope: Morrison Hershfield
Food Service & Waste: Teeple Architects Inc
Cost: Bird Construction Company
Code: LMDG
Construction Manager: Bird Construction Company
Owner: Langara College
Project Area: 17,900 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Shai Gil Photography

EPA Region 8 Headquarters / ZGF Architects

© Robert Canfield

The new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 8 Headquarters building sits on an urban brownfield that formerly housed a U.S. Postal Annex. This LEED Gold rated design is the result of a challenging design process that sought to integrate a contemporary, high-performance, secure, and environmentally sensitive building into one of Denver’s most important historic and civic districts. A key program goal was to assimilate the new facility into the urban fabric in a way that strengthens and enhances the quality of the historic neighborhood in which it is located, while establishing the building as a landmark in its own right. As a Federal building, the structure also had to meet strict Department of Homeland Security requirements, resulting in a Level 4 facility.

Project description and images after the break.

Architects: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, LLP
Location: 1595 Wynkoop Street Denver, Denver, ,
Developer/Design builder/Architect of Record: OPUS Northwest, LLC
Project Area: 292,000 sqf
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Robert Canfield

American University School of International Service / William McDonough + Partners and Quinn Evans | Architects

© Prakash Patel/William McDonough + Partners

How can we design a building that inspires students to dream? This charge— articulated by the dean of the country’s largest foreign service program— guided the design team for this new building on the American University campus.  Serving as a symbol of the school’s tradition of global service, the anticipated LEED Gold certified building provides a vibrant setting for teaching, research and public dialogue.

Architects: William McDonough + Partners and Quinn Evans|Architects
Location: DC, USA
Design Mechanical Engineer: Taylor Engineering
Mechanical Engineer of Record: GHT Limited
Structural Engineer: McMullan Associates
Daylighting Consultant: Loisos + Ubbelohde Associates
Civil Engineer: Delon Hampton & Associates
LEED Consultant: Sustainable Design Consulting
Fire Code and Suppression Consultant: PEG
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Client: American University
Project Area: 75,000 sqf
Photographs: Prakash Patel/William McDonough + Partners