hk+b Architecture Designs Winning Competition Entry for Tunisian Office Building

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With a site defined by its varied and abundant trees, hk+b Architecture made preserving the scenic landscape and greenery a conscious decision in designing the CPSCL Regional Agency in Tunisia. The choice to maintain as much of the context of the site as possible allows future employees in the building the opportunity to work in an environment seemingly embedded in the countryside. Another important choice in defining the building’s exterior form was the characteristic sloping roofs of the city of Béja.

STM School of Technology and Management / MONTENEGRO Architects

© Fotografia de Arquitectura

Architects: MONTENEGRO Architects
Location: Beja,
Architect In Charge: Nuno Montenegro
Project Area: 11,600 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura

Gruta do Escoural / Nuno Simões + DNSJ.arq


Architects: Nuno Simões + DNSJ.arq
Location: Escoural, Montemor-o-novo, Alentejo,
Structural Engineers: Artur Pinto Martins
Lighting: Fernando Brito
Year: 2011
Photographs: FG+SG

House in Odemira / Vitor Vilhena Architects

© Joao Morgado

Architects: Vitor Vilhena Architects
Location: Herdade das Arrifóias, Odemira, Alentejo,
Area: 175 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Joao Morgado

Manuel I Secondary School / BFJ Arquitectos

© FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Architects: – Francisco Amaral Pólvora
Co-authors: Bernardo Campos Pereira, José Amaral Pólvora
Location: , Portugal
Project area: 14,730 sqm
Project year: 2008 – 2010
Photographs: FG+SG – , Sergio Guerra