Venice Biennale 2014: Antarctica to be First Continent Represented

Halley VI Research Station / . Image Courtesy of British Antarctic Survey

This year, as the first continent ever to be represented at the Venice Architecture Biennale, will bring together leading international architects and artists to explore present and future models of living in the South Polar region. The exhibition, Antarctopia will feature projects and ideas by participants, such as Hugh Broughton, Juergen Mayer H. and Zaha Hadid. 

The curatorial statement and complete list of participants, after the break…

Indian Research Base / Bof Architekten

Courtesy of

Architects: Bof Architekten
Consultants: IMS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg
m+p consult, Braunschweig
Area: 2,500 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Bof Architekten, NCAOR

Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica

Halley VI © A.Dubber, British Antarctic Survey

In order to illustrate how the ingenuity and innovation of contemporary architecture is enabling scientists to live and work in one of the most extreme environments on our planet, the British Council has commissioned curators from the Arts Catalyst to launch a new international touring titled Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in .

The first exhibition of its kind, Ice Lab will include architectural drawings, models, photographs, and films allowing for visitors to not only examine the architecture, but the life of these scientists in these research facilities. Sources of inspiration for the projects including original drawings from Archigram’s ‘Walking City’ will be on display alongside a new commissioned light and audio work by international visual artist Torsten Laushmann. The Glasgow-based artist will create this work in collaboration with ‘We Made That’, the exhibition’s designers.

The featured projects are:

Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz International Competition 1st Place / Estúdio 41

Courtesy of

Architects: Estúdio 41
Location: Península Keller,
Project Architects: Emerson Vidigal, Eron Costin, Fabio Henrique Faria e João Gabriel Moura Rosa Cordeiro
Area: 3,200 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Estúdio 41

Estúdio 41 shared with us the winning proposal for the Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz International Competition. All the details after the break.

The World’s First Relocatable Research Center Opens in Antarctica

© Anthony Dubber

This bizarre looking creature is the world’s first relocatable research facility. Located on the Brunt Ice Shelf in , the Halley VI Research Station was officially opened on Tuesday, more than one hundred years after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expeditions.

More on the building and its uncommon features after the break…

Flowerdale Community House / Antarctica


Architects: Antarctica
Location: , Victoria, Australia
Project Team: Graham Crist (Project Director), Nicola Garrod (Project Architect)
Contractor: Kendall Constructions
Consultants: Keith Long and Associates
Project Area: 460sqm
Completed: September 2011
Photographs: Antarctica


Belgium opens science station in Antarctica

opened a new €20 million “zero emissions” polar science station in on Sunday, returning to the continent to study climate change 42 years after closing its first base there.

The Princess Elisabeth research hub is totally energy-self-sufficient and also aims not to emit any carbon dioxide, according to the International Polar Foundation, which runs the base.

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