Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2010 Implicate & Explicate

We were quite happy to receive a book on the Aga Kahn 1st prize and shortlist proposals as ArchDaily has followed the 11th award cycle. Beginning with an inspirational foreword, Farrokh Derakhshani explains the importance of such an award as it looks to highlight architecture rooted in an awareness of aesthetics and cultural aspects within the Muslim world. During the 11th award cycle of 2010, the shortlisted projects were shared with the public to promote further discussion.   With this in min t,The book offers an indepth look at the 19 projects, complete with the steering committee statement and master jury report.

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Winners of the 2010 Aga Kahn Award for Architecture

Courtesy of Moriyama & Teshima Planners Limited & Buro Happold

Of a total of 410 projects, five have been selected for the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.  The five projects, selected by a Master Jury are:

  • Wadi Hanifa Wetlands, , Saudi Arabia
  • Revitalisation of the Hypercentre of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Madinat Al-Zahra Museum, Cordoba, Spain
  • Ipekyol Textile Factory, Edirne, Turkey
  • Bridge School, Xiashi, Fujian,

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Short List / Aga Kahn Award for Architecture

Bridge School

Established by Aga Khan IV (the current Islamic leader responsible for the interpretation of Islam and the improvement of his followers’ lives), the Aga Khan Award for Architecture rewards architectural achievement that meets the “aspirations of Islamic societies.”  Every three years, the honor is awarded to multiple projects and it recognizes projects, teams, and stakeholders, in addition to buildings and people. This year marks the 11th award cycle (which began in 2008) and the short list has just been announced.  The projects are quite varied ranging from a mosque in Bangladesh, to a textile factory in , to a community center in Sri Lanka.

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