AD Round Up: Green Roof Part IX

© Byun, Jong Suk

For today’s AD Round Up we’ve compiled previously featured projects. You must see, Villa Topoject by korean practice, AND. Don’t miss, Ciel Rouge’s Villa Ronde or Seongbuk Gate Hills located in Seoul by and Haeahn Architecture. Take a closer look to Marcel Sembat High School designed by archi5 and Borja Huidobro. Last but not least in today’s AD Round Up, you can visit House at León by ALARCÓN + ASOCIADOS.

Santa Pizza Mall Sport / 01Arq

© Aryeh Kornfeld

Architects: 01Arq
Location: Santiago,
Project Architects: C. Winckler, P. Saric, F. Fritz, A. Baile
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 500 sqm
Photographs: Aryeh Kornfeld

See ArchDaily's exclusive coverage of the 2012 Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale 2012: Taiwan Pavilion

Courtesy of The National Museum of Fine Arts

For Taiwan’s seventh year at the Venice Biennale, the Taiwanese team will present Architect/Geographer – Le Foyer de Taiwan. The exhibition will embody the main theme of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale which is “Common Ground”. The aspects of Taiwanese culture and architecture will be presented through the perspective of a geographer as mapping that can uncover a new understanding of Taiwan through international eyes. The team is supervised by the Ministry of Culture, organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and curated by Ke-Fung Liou. The exhibit will be displayed at Palazzo delle Prigioni.

Follow us after the break for more on the exhibit.

Draw Me a House / Thibaud Herem

Draw Me a House is an interactive colouring book for children, budding architects and anyone interested in the built environment. Come on a journey across time and around the world. Color in, think about it , doodle and engage  with architectural elements from Malian houses to skycrapers. Draw a new top on the Chrysler building, design a deluxe doghouse, color in a gargoyle and fix up the Parthenon.

AIA California Council’s 2012 Design Award Recipients

Surfhouse, Hermosa Beach / – Image courtesy of Art Gray.

The American Institute of Architects, California Council () has announced the 2012 Design Award Recipients. Since 1982, has recognized excellence in architecture and design through the Design Awards Program. An esteemed Design Awards jury has selected these award winners out of 300 submittals. Continue after the break to review the projects!

In Progress: XXI Century National Film Archive / Rojkind Arquitectos

Render 01

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Location: City,
Architects: Michel Rojkind, Gerardo Salinas
Design Team: Alonso de la Fuente Obregón, Rafael Cedillo Sánchez, Phillip Schlauch, Birgit Hammer, Djurdja Milutinovic, Alfredo Hernández Soto, Rodrigo Medina, Juan Manuel Ortuño, David Stalin Vergara, Dolores Robles – Martínez Gómez,Isaac Smeke, Andrea León
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Guido Torres,

Expansion of Communication with Graphisoft BIMx

Courtesy of

So what exactly is BIMx and how can it be used? Graphisoft BIMx is an interactive 3D presentation tool that allows all the stakeholders in a project to have access to the building model, without requiring any specialized BIM skills. BIMx is a game changer that allows for innovation with the types of models created and the presentation/utility of these models.

Beauty Center / ZSK Architects

© Tamás Bujnovszky

Architects: ZSK Architects
Location: , Hungary
Architects: László Kalmár, Zsolt Zsuffa
Assistant Architects: Csaba Helmle, Mihály Kanyó, Zsófia Lázár, Gábor Nagy, Szilvia Rehus, Balázs Rose
Structural Expert: Gergõ Dobszay
Interior Design: Balázs Kriszta, Barna Orsolya, Bódy Szilvia, Finta Csaba, Pucsek Viktor
Statics: István Szabó
Engineering: László Rádonyi, László Nagylucskay
Electricity: Vilmos Szalmási
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 3,000 sqm
Photographs: Tamás Bujnovszky

Broadway Penthouse / Joel Sanders

© Peter Aaron / OTTO

Architects: Joel Sanders Architect
Location: , NY, USA
Architect In Charge:
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Peter Aaron / OTTO

Films & Architecture: “The Architect”

, is not a renowned film. We have to admit that there’s not that much unique about it in terms of cinematography. However, for us the plot of this movie is quite relevant. The director uses an specific example, one built utopian residential complex in to illustrate the issues that were not considered during design of these uniformity-driven blocks.

Tell us your thoughts about this topic, and what is the kind of responsibility that relies on architects, or on the whole profession of architecture?

AD Classics: Prince Home and Studio / Bart Prince

Courtesy of Bart Prince

Nestled in the suburbs of Albuquerque, are the otherworldly forms of Bart Prince’s Personal Residence and Studio. As home and work place for the structure truly reflects Prince’s main design principle that form so closely follows function. This ideal leads to the relatively uncommon architecture produced by Bart Prince. More after the break.

Sauna / Formløs Architecture

Courtesy of Formløs Architecture

Sitting on the brink of a waterfall near farm in central , the sauna, designed by Formløs Architecture, is simple and sculptural. As if cut from one piece of wood, the sauna hovers one foot above the ground and stretches out over the water. The idea for the sauna came from a wish to bring festival guests together in an atmosphere where all social constructions from daily life can be forgotten and the opera singer from the capital sits shoulder to shoulder with the local farmer. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Terrace House Tokiostrasse / ARTEC Architekten

Courtesy of

Architects: ARTEC Architekten
Location: Terrace House Tokiostrasse, , Austria
Architect In Charge: Bettina Götz, Richard Manahl
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 48,881 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of ARTEC Architekten

Courtesy of Paul Preissner Architects
Courtesy of Paul Preissner Architects

National Museum of Afghanistan Proposal / Paul Preissner Architects

The proposal for the National Museum of Afghanistan by Paul Preissner Architects… reconsiders the method of the museum, which is dedicated to collections of historic artifacts and archeological evidence of past cultural moments. By allowing for the collection to be

Santo Domingo Savio Kindergarten / Plan B arquitectos

© Sergio Gomez

Architects: Plan B arquitectos
Location: Medellín,
Project Manager: Felipe Mesa + Federico Mesa
Work Team: Juan Pablo Giraldo, Juan Camilo Ramirez, Miguel Martos, Carlos Blanco
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 1,500 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Gomez, Courtesy of Plan B arquitectos

V4 house / Studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto

© Nelson Kon

Architects: Studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto
Location: são paulo . sp .
Architect In Charge: Diana Radomysler, Fabiana Cyon, Fernando Falcon, Oswaldo Pessano
Project Manager: Nelson Batista
Design Team: Carolina Castroviejo, Eduardo Chalabi, Eduardo Glycerio, Eduardo Gurian, Elisa Friedmann, Gabriel Kogan, Lair Reis, Luciana Antunes, Marcio Tanaka, Maria Cristina Motta, Mariana Simas, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski
Co Architect : Renata Furlanetto
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Nelson Kon

The World’s Most Epic Material Library

Keeping the material library organized is a difficult task for many architects, let alone keeping it up-to-date with the latest, most innovative materials. Well, today we stumbled on this video, by The Economist, that highlights Andrew Dent, vice-president of Material ConneXion, and his thoughts on the evolution of material science. has created the world’s largest resource for advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes. Their online archive and material libraries, based in seven cities world-wide, feature over 6,500 of the world’s most cutting-edge materials that are all commercially available for use.

Andrew Dent believes Material ConneXion will help bridge the gap between science and design as we move from the “synthetic century” into a “biological century”, where intelligent, nature-inspired materials consume less resources and less energy.

Video: The Story of Lego®

YouTube Preview Image

As we reported yesterday, the LEGO Group, the company responsible for everyone’s favorite bricks, just turned 80.  We’ve often talked about ’s major impact on young architects’ development, but few are aware of architecture’s influence on LEGO… so we thought we’d keep the LEGO celebrations going by sharing this cute (if unabashedly cheesy) video on the birth of LEGO.

If the intro about wooden toys doesn’t tickle your fancy, get right to the plastic bricks by skipping forward to 08:20.

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