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AD Classics: Parc Güell / Antoni Gaudí

Parc Güell is a park designed by Antoni Gaudí upon the request of Count Eusebi Güell, who wanted to build a stylish park for the aristocrats of Barcelona. The Count had planned to build a housing development that would take advantage of the area's views and fresh air; however, only two show houses were completed. Gaudí himself inhabited one of them, designed by architect Francesc Berenguer in 1904. The house is now a museum showcasing some of Gaudí's work. The park is a common tourist attraction in Barcelona, and is known for its famous terrace and iconic entrance, flanked by two Gaudí buildings.

© Samuel Ludwig © Samuel Ludwig © Samuel Ludwig © Samuel Ludwig

The World’s First Relocatable Research Center Opens in Antarctica

This bizarre looking creature is the world's first relocatable research facility. Located on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica, the Halley VI Research Station was officially opened on Tuesday, more than one hundred years after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expeditions.

More on the building and its uncommon features after the break...

Het Bosch / Dreissen Architecten + JagerJanssen Architecten

© John Lewis Marshall © John Lewis Marshall © John Lewis Marshall © John Lewis Marshall

Office-Garage / Ultra Architects

  • Architects: Ultra Architects
  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Architects: Marcin Kościuch,Tomasz Osięgłowski
  • Collaborators: K.Dembińska, B.Suszczewicz, A.Ostrowska, Ł.Piszczałka, A.Ronżewska-Kotyńska
  • Area: 1000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Jeremi Buczkowski

© Jeremi Buczkowski © Jeremi Buczkowski © Jeremi Buczkowski © Jeremi Buczkowski

Re-inhabit the 21st century: Social Housing from the Modern Paradigm Competition

Courtesy of Arquine
Courtesy of Arquine

With a continuing interest in the exploration of socially important and relevant issues, encouraging the creation of spaces for dialog and the participation of architects resolving concerns through proposed projects; Arquine summons participants to its 15th International Architecture Contest to Re-inhabit the 21st century. Social Housing from the Modern Paradigm. 

For this edition of the competition, Arquine joins forces with CANADEVI (National Chamber for the Development industry and promotion of Housing), with the aim of expanding its reach and assuring the participation of the main social contributors faced with the proposed subject matter, Housing in the 21st Century. 

Projected Increase for Nonresidential Construction in 2013

AIA Construction Consensus Forecast
AIA Construction Consensus Forecast

Late last month the AIA released a report indicating that nonresidential construction is projected to increase by approximately 5% this year.  While the recovery of both residential and nonresidential construction markets continues to grow slowly, the indication that it is steadily increasing marks a sense of security or stability that owners are beginning to identify in the economy.  In the commercial / industrial sectors, hotels are seeing the largest projected growth at 15.7%, with retail and office buildings hovering between a 7 to 8% growth rate.  In the institutional sector, construction growth is projected to be highest in health care facilities, which is expected to rise by 4.4%, while public safety spending is expected to decline in 2013.

More on the report after the break.

Te Mirumiru / Collingridge & Smith Architects

© Simon Devitt
© Simon Devitt
  • Architects: Collingridge & Smith Architects
  • Location: Kawakawa, northland
  • Architect in Charge: Phil Smith
  • Design Team: Phil Smith, Graham Collingridge, Grayson Wanda, Chloe Pratt
  • Client: Ngati Hine Health Trust
  • Area: 572.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Simon Devitt

© Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt

MP House / alcolea+tárrago arquitectos

© Iñaki Bergera
© Iñaki Bergera
  • Architects: alcolea+tárrago arquitectos
  • Location: Calle Doctor Magallón 31293 Sesma, Navarra, Spain
  • Design Team: Rubén Alcolea, Jorge Tárrago
  • Technical Architect: Isabelino Río Rodríguez
  • Collaborators: Leire Zaldua, Aitor Acilu, Izaskun Bilbao
  • Structures: Víctor Goñi Juvera, Helena Goñi Barbarin
  • Contractor: Construcciones Irisarri-Munilla
  • Area: 588.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Iñaki Bergera

© Iñaki Bergera © Iñaki Bergera © Iñaki Bergera © Iñaki Bergera

Cardinet Quintessence / Périphériques architectes

  • Architects: Périphériques architectes
  • Location: 155 Rue Cardinet, 75017, Paris
  • Project Management: Anne-Françoise Jumeau, Emmanuelle Marin, David Trottin
  • Project Directors: Anne Clerget, Claire Oiry, S. Razafindralambo, J.L Anthonioz, E. Mares, V. Nodale, G. Plasson , J. sturari, F. Coquin, A. Thierry
  • Client: Nexity seeri
  • Area: 6115.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Sergio Grazia

© Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia

13th Annual Structures for Inclusion Conference

The thirteenth annual Structures for Inclusion conference (SFI-13) will be held March 23-24 at the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis Campus. The conference is preceded by the Public Interest Design Institute, a training program sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, that will be held at the same location on March 21-22. These are two major events that help compose the inaugural Public Interest Design Week, March 19-24.

Aggrenad / AND

© Kim, Yong Gwan
© Kim, Yong Gwan
  • Architects: AND
  • Location: Geojesi, Korea
  • Construction: Kim, Dong Shik
  • Structure: RC
  • Site Area: 433.00m2
  • Gross Floor Area: 198.55m2
  • Area: 121.26 sqm
  • Photographs: Kim, Yong Gwan

© Kim, Yong Gwan © Kim, Yong Gwan © Kim, Yong Gwan © Kim, Yong Gwan

Deskontalia Store / VAUMM

  • Architects: VAUMM
  • Location: Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Design Team: Javier Ubillos Pernaut, Marta Alvarez Pastor, Iñigo garcía Odiaga, Jon Muniategiandikoetxea Markiegi, Tomás Valenciano Tamayo
  • Year: 2012
  • Photography: Aitor Ortiz

© Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz

House SODAE / VMX Architects

  • Architects: VMX Architects
  • Location: Amstelveen, The Netherlands
  • Design Team: Don Murphy
  • Client: Sylvie Murphy
  • Area: 500.0 sqm
  • Year: 2009
  • Photography: Courtesy of VMX Architects

Courtesy of VMX Architects Courtesy of VMX Architects Courtesy of VMX Architects Courtesy of VMX Architects

Q2, ThyssenKrupp Quarter Essen / JSWD Architekten + Chaix & Morel et Associés

© Christian Richters © Christian Richters © Christian Richters © Christian Richters

Nanjing Road Mixed Use Area Proposal / RTA-Office

With the aim to create a new and contemporary urban space. the Nanjing Road Mixed Use Area proposal by RTA-Office distributes the volumes on the parcel in order to get an open public space and an intimate one simultaneously. The many passages throughout the 200,000 square-meter project offers walk paths for residents and visitors as it occupies an entire block of the city of Qingdao. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Allies and Morrison Architects' District//S Wins National Urban Design Awards Practice Project Award

Allies and Morrison Architects were just awarded the Francis Tibbalds Prize for best Practice Project at the National Urban Design Awards 2013 for their District//S project. The prize was presented to the practice at a ceremony held last night at London’s Royal Overseas League.  The 452,100 sq ft of high quality residential accommodation situated on the edge of Beirut’s historic city centre impressed the judges with its “comprehensive response to the historic character of Beirut, going well beyond the superficialities of appearance to reflect the cultural and functional nature of the city”. More information after the break.

'Porous City – Open the Tower' Exhibition

The Innovation Forum MIPIM recently announced that it will feature the “Porous city – Open the tower” exhibition presented at last year’s Venice Biennale for the first time. Held in Cannes, France from March 12-15, the exhibition uses Lego towers to explore futuristic concepts of urban design imagined by the professor and architect Winy Maas, founder and director of the MVRDV architectural practice in Rotterdam and director of The Why Factory, a research institute for the city of the future. Nine three-meter high skyscrapers will rise up during the four days of the show, acting as visual support to debates on the new processes and the role of research in Europe’s urban future. For more information, including a complete program, please visit here. More images after the break.

Films & Architecture: "In Bruges"

In the Belgian language “brug” means bridge, and it’s because of the amount of them in the European medieval city that it took its name. A ”fairy tale f***ing town” is how Harry (Ralph Fiennes), the foul-mouthed boss in In Bruges describes it. And indeed Bruges is a city full of fairy tale-like elements that weave through this crazy, sardonic, violent, and (in our opinion, awesomely) absurd movie.

Have you seen it? Do you know any other film fully linked to a specific city? Let us know in the comments below!