Le Point du Jour Art center / Éric Lapierre Architecture

© Hélène Binet

Architect: Éric Lapierre Architecture
Location: 107, avenue de Paris, 50100 -Octeville
Project Team : Yon Chau, Amélie Evrard, Inbum Kim, Eric Lapierre, Guillaume Ramillien
Structure: Batiserf, Pierre-Olivier Cayla, Philippe Clément
Cost Estimation: Bureau Michel Forgue, Aybival Avinal, Michel Forgue
Client: Ville de Cherbourg-Octeville
Area: 600 sqm
Cost: 991 000 €HT
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Hélène Binet, Paola Salerno

1100 First Street / Krueck & Sexton Architects

© Prakash Patel

Architects: Krueck & Sexton Architects
Location: , , USA
Client: Tishman Speyer
MEP Engineer: Flack + Kurtz
Structural Engineer: Tadjer Cohen Edelson Associates, Inc.
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 355,000 sqf
Photographs: Prakash Patel

Cleveland State University Student Center / Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects with Braun & Steidl Architects

© Brad Feinknopf

Architect:Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects (Design Architect) with Braun & Steidl Architects (Architect of Record)
Location: Cleveland, Ohio,
Construction Manager: Heery International
Project Area: 138,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Brad Feinknopf

Motorhome / Andrew Simpson Architects

© Christine Francis

Architects: Andrew Simpson Architects
Location: , , Australia
Project Team: Andrew Simpson, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis, Foong Chern Wong
Builder: MM Hearn
Structural Engineer: TGM Engineers and Surveyors
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Christine Francis

Hemeroscopium House / Ensamble Studio


Architects: Ensamble Studio
Location: Las Rozas, Madrid,
Principal in Charge: Antón García- Abril
Collaborators: Elena Pérez, Débora Mesa, Jorge Consuegra, Marina Otero, Ricardo Sanz
Technical Architect: Javier Cuesta
Promotor: Hemeroscopium
Contractor: Materia Inorgánica
Project year: 2005-2008
Constructed Area: 400 sqm
Photographs: Ensamble Studio

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Integrated School of Building

The Integrated School of Building (InSB), has recently launched their website in preparation for a 2014 opening.  InSB will be located in Chicago and has established a mission to, ‘by means of a collaborative and innovative platform, advance the knowledge of and educate students in architecture, engineering, and construction’.  Focusing on a collaborative effort, a group of individuals, architects and educators, have united to establish a new way of educating students in architecture, engineering, and construction education.

Follow the break for more about the programs and certifications InSB plans to offer.

Junges wohnen am nordbahnhof / synn architekten

© Manfred Seidl

Architect: synn architekten
Location: Vienna,
Landscape Architect: DI Hannes Batik
Contractor: Arge Gebös Nordbahnhof Mischek/Universale
Master Planning: Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT GmbH
Photographs: Manfred Seidl

EXHIBITION: Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret, Low Cost Furniture and Other Items from Chandigarh

and Pierre Jeanneret relaxing on the Shukna Lake on a pedal boat manufactured by Pierre Jeanneret, c. 1950. Photo by Sureh Sharma.

GENEVA–Galerie Anton Meier inaugurated the first exhibition in Switzerland devoted to the work  Pierre Jeanneret on September 20 at the Palais de l’Athénée. The exhibition, “The Chandigarh Project,” features a selection of furniture created for the Chandigarh capital complex on the border of Punjab and Haryana states in India. Intended to offer the public “clearer public insight into the humanistic work of Pierre Jeanneret, often overshadowed by his illustrious cousin, the show features pieces handcrafted on site for the new capital presented with “rare street furniture” as well as Le Corbusier’s symbols and prints. Highlights include teak tables, cane chairs, wooden armchairs, an a cast iron manhole cover with a recessed reproduction of the Chandigarh master plan as drawn by Le Corbusier in 1951. The exhibition comes after a scandal that erupted in 2010 when UBS decided to pull an ad featuring Corbusier. Debates continue involving the provenance of Chandigarh artifacts such as these, as dealers continue to buy items from Indian officials to resell abroad.

More information and photos after the break.

The New World Trade Center / Piranha NYC

We’ve been covering the quite extensively, sharing documentaries, time lapse videos, renderings and even news the tower’s first major tenant.  And, today, director Gaspard Giroud shared this amazing clip of the progress on the tower.  Commissioned by Silverstein Properties, Piranha NYC, a motion graphic design and visual effects company, wrote, produced, art directed, filmed, and finished all vfx for this inspiring piece marking the 10th year anniversary of 9/11.   The clip was then presented a few days ago at Tower 7 in the presence of Mayor Bloomberg.  We love how the film condenses the building’s time lapse of construction – especially the reflections of the progress in car windows and even through the glass façade of a neighboring building.   And, of course, it’s a beautiful thing to see people occupying the finished tower.   What do you think of the film?

Sanctuaire Mont Cathedrale / Pierre Cabana

© Richard Poissant, Pierre Léveillé

Architects: Pierre Cabana
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Manager: Pierre Léveillé
Engineer: Comtois, Blouin & associate
Designers: Pauline Tremblay & Pierre Léveillé
Photographs: Richard Poissant, Pierre Léveillé

The most interesting man in the room

Photo form John McNab - http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnmcnab/


I’m an Architect. I’m the most interesting man in the room.

I’m wearing all black. I’m near sighted, but have compensated with extremely attractive and/or expensive eyewear. I have radical mood swings. But, only on the inside. You’d probably never know what I’m thinking. And, I’m sure I wouldn’t tell you.

I have excellent taste in …. almost everything. Just ask me. I am brooding right now. Over in the corner, sipping my cosmo (because I can pull that off). I’m not approachable, I’ve worked on that for years. I seem like I know things. Dark things. Perfectly aligned symmetrical things. But nothing about things that you want to talk about. I would rather talk about Richard Serra or Edward Hopper, or we could discuss Diebenkorn if you’d like. No, I am not going to talk about architecture. I never talk about architecture. We can talk about television. Mad Men? yes… Inside the Actors Studio? of course, but ideally Inspector Morse ca. 1988. Or we could just discuss cars.

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Courtesy of PA Studio

New Taipei City Museum of Art Proposal / PA Studio

PA (Process-based Architecture) Studio… shared with us their proposal for New Taipei City Museum of Art, which won an honorable mention. Their design includes a huge cube on an urban plaza. The interior space of this suspended cube is integrated

Karspeldreef Block AB / Dick van Gameren architecten

© Marcel van der Burg - Primabeeld

Architect: Dick van Gameren architecten
Location: , Netherlands
Project team: Dick van Gameren; Sebastiaan Kaal; Willmar Groenendijk; Maarten Peters; Niels Boswinkel; Julia Hilgenberg; Miguel Loos
Client: Woningstichting Rochdale / Delta Forte, Amsterdam
Contractor: KBK Bouw, Volendam
Structural Engineer: Ingenieursbureau Zonneveld, Rotterdam
Technical Engineer: Ebatech, Amsterdam
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Marcel van der Burg – Primabeeld

Update: Erdos Museum / MAD

When we first saw MAD’s Erdos Museum for Inner Mongolia, the renderings teased us with a futuristic blob-like form that was planned for ’ designed, but yet not constructed, urban masterplan. Now, a few years later, the firm is celebrating the museum’s completion and the finished effect of both the form and its materiality can be fully appreciated. MAD shared a video on the finished project with us and we hope you enjoy it!

More info about the project after the break.

Courtesy of Holcim Foundation

European Winners of Holcim Awards Competition Announced in Milan

The Holcim Award winners for Europe were recently announced in Milan for sustainable place making and materials innovation. The Holcim Awards Gold 2011 for Europe and USD 100,000 was awarded to German architects realities united for a project on the…

Observation Tower / ARHIS

© Arnis Kleinbergs

Architects: ARHIS Architects
Project Architect: Arnis Kleinbergs
Client: Jurmala City council
Project team: Ieva Stale, Andrejs Gorodnicijs
Structural Engineer: Grigorijs Kameneckis
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Arnis Kleinbergs

Courtesy of RIBA

2011 Jencks Award: Eric Owen Moss

The annual Jencks Award, organized by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), is given each year to an architect who has made a major contribution to both the theory and practice of architecture. This year, the award is given…

Summer House / LASC Studio

© Stamers Kontor

Architects: LASC Studio
Location: ,
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 105 sqm
Photographs: Stamers Kontor