Streeter Residence / Salmela Architect

© Peter Bastianelli Kerze

Architects: David Salmela Architect
Video: Peter VonDeLinde
Area: 3,000 sqft
Photographs: Peter Bastianelli Kerze

MO House / FRPO

© Miguel de Guzmán

Architects: FRPO
Location: ,
Design Team: Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez
Collaborators: Pastora Cotero, Inés Olavarrieta, Cornelius Schmitz, Cristina Escuder
Contractor: Alter Materia, Grupo Singular
Consultants: KLH, Alter Materia, Miguel Nevado
Area: 295 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Miguel de Guzmán

Dordrecht Energy Carousel / Ecosistema Urbano

Courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano

The Centre for Visual Arts and Amsterdam design bureau Carve recently invited ten European design firms to develop unconventional, inventive, and playful objects for a new public space in the western Netherlands city of . Responding to the challenge, Spanish architecture firm Ecosistema Urbano designed the - an energy-generating chandelier of hanging ropes meant to engage kids of all ages in the densely populated suburbs surrounding Governeusplein Square.

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House N / Archinauten Dworschak + Mühlbachler ZT Gmbh

© Archipicture

Architects: Archinauten Dworschak + Mühlbachler ZT Gmbh
Location: , Austria
Area: 188 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Archipicture

Courtesy of GRAPHISOFT
Courtesy of GRAPHISOFT

GRAPHISOFT’s EcoDesigner Star

GRAPHISOFT has developed another tool for your BIM toolbox. This tool – the EcoDesigner Star – creates a streamlined energy analysis workflow. Essentially – architects can use their ArchiCAD BIM as a Building Energy Model (BEM).
What does this mean…

Courtesy of SONY
Courtesy of SONY

Planetario Galileo Galilei Gets Inflatable Headphones

To commemorate the first edition of “Silent Day,” a fabricated holiday by Sony Argentina that celebrated the release of new Sony headphones, the Planetario Galileo Galilei was given headphones in an effort to change the cold and solid appearance of…

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Koolhaas Reveals Title for 2014 Venice Biennale

Image via Instagram User Josephgrima

At a presentation in Italy this morning, announced that the title of the 2014 will be “Fundamentals.” According to Domus magazine’s live-tweeting of the eventKoolhaas wants this Biennale, which he will curate, to use historical research to explore how Modernity and globalization has, since 1914, formed the architecture we practice today. The Biennale will focus on the erasure of national architectural identities and the formation, over the last 200 years, of a global architecture which produces, in Koolhaas’ words, “the same stuff, with the same materials, in the same styles. How did this happen?” 

Read more about Koolhaas’ 2014 Biennale topic, after the break…

Central Office of FEDA Confederation of Employers of Albacete / Cor & Asociados

© David Frutos

Architects: Cor & Asociados
Location: ,
Design Team: Miguel Rodenas, Jesús Olivares
Collaborators: Mar Melgarejo Torralba, Ayara Mendo Pérez, Rubén Perea Ibáñez; José Verdú Montesinos, José M. Noguera Pardo
Client: Confederación de Empresarios de Albacete Feda
Area: 4,375 sqm
Photographs: David Frutos

Nørrebrohallen / AG5

Courtesy of

Architects: AG5
Location: , Denmark
Engineer: Buro Happold
Branding: Punktum Design
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of AG5

Courtesy of Hapsitus Architects
Courtesy of Hapsitus Architects

Wheels of Chicago Proposal / Hapsitus Architects

Inspired by the Ferris wheel, ‘Wheels of Chicago’ consists of seven revolving wheels proposed for Olive Park and its vicinity. Designed by Hapsitus Architects…, five of them will be placed above the circular fountains, with the circumference of each

Henley Street / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

© John Gollings

Architects: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Location: Barwon Heads, VIC,
Design Team: Jon Clements, Graham Burrows, Tim Jackson Chris Botterill, Nick James
Area: 370 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: John Gollings

AD Classics: Colònia Güell / Antoni Gaudí

Courtesy of Samuel Ludwig

Colònia Güell was a workers’ colony located in , presently a town of around 7,000 inhabitants 20km outside Barcelona. The area was a manufacturing suburb that grew rapidly around the turn of the 20th century. In 1898, Antoni Gaudi was commissioned by Count Eusebi de Güell, who wanted to provide a place of worship for the booming suburb, to build a Church. It was never actually completed because the money ran out as a result of economic hardships. When work stopped in 1915, only the crypt was completed, though it is nevertheless listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In 2002, a restoration was carried out by architect Antonio González Moreno who was widely criticized for allegedly mistreating Gaudi’s work.

Courtesy of Lamp Lighting
Courtesy of Lamp Lighting

2013 Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards Competition

The deadline is rapidly approaching for all lighting designers, architects, urban planners, interior designers, engineers, landscapers or students to participate in the 2013 Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards competition.  With light being a fundamental element of life and a key aspect…

Boundary House / BKK Architects

© Shannon McGrath

Architects: BKK Architects
Location: Victoria,
Design Team: Tim Black, Julian Kosloff, Simon Knott, Michael Roper, Stephanie Bullock, George Huon
Area: 115 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Shannon McGrath

House in Tlayacapan / PRODUCTORA

Courtesy of

Architects: PRODUCTORA
Location: , México
Collaborators: Amauri Sidh, Sonia Starck, Iván Villegas
Area: 90 sqm
Year: 2011
Photography: Courtesy of PRODUCTORA

Courtesy of United Design Group
Courtesy of United Design Group

Kunshan Middle School Proposal / United Design Group

Through United Design Group…’s investigation of their context and analysis of the program, they identified, organized and prioritized the four functions inside the school with this “sequence”: public area, education area, living area, and sport facilities, in order to

Kindergarten “Les Séveriers” / Pirollet Architectes

© Jean Baptiste Reol

Architects: Pirollet Architectes
Location: ,
Collaborating Architects: Auxitec Ingenierie
Area: 1,200 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Jean Baptiste Reol

Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse / Harmony World Consulting & Design

© T+E

Architects: Harmony World Consulting & Design
Location: , Yangzhou,
Architect In Charge: Sun Wei
Design Team: Shi Jun, Peter Dykes, Zhang QianQian
Area: 400 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: T+E