Social Community Center / 3 Arquitectos

© Alberto Castex

Architects: 3 Arquitectos
Location: Rapa Nui, , Coquimbo Region, Chile
Borrar: 3arquitectos Ltda.
Area: 613 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Cortesia de Unknown photographer, Alberto Castex

TP-H Residence / Jermyn Manthripragada

© Lucas Fladzinski

Architects: Jermyn Manthripragada
Location: , California, USA
Design Team: Alex Jermyn, Ajay Manthripragada
Area: 1100.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Lucas Fladzinski

Bluff House / Inarc Architects

© Peter Clarke

Architects: Inarc Architects
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria,
Directors: Reno Rizzo & Christopher Hansson
Project Architect: Wilson Tang
Year: 2012
Photographs: Peter Clarke

In Residence: Claudio Silvestrin

Free of clutter but filled with light, shadow and sculptural forms, filmmaker Matthew Donaldson takes you inside the minimalist masterpiece that Italian architect calls home. As part of NOWNESS’ In Residence series, this video sheds light  Silvestrin’s “reductive, contemplative, near-ecclesiastical spaces” that can be found across the globe – from Moscow to Majorca, and soon-to-be in Miami, where Silvestrin is currently designing a home from Kanye West that will undoubtedly exhibit many of his signature components. 

Hambach Castle / Max Dudler

© Stefan Müller

Architects: Max Dudler
Location: 67434 Neustadt an der Weinstraße,
Area: 1300.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Stefan Müller

The Avenue on Portage / 5468796 Architecture

© James Brittain

Architects: 5468796 Architecture
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Year: 2012
Photographs: James Brittain

Midtown West; Courtesy of Flickr User David Boeke, Licensed via Creative Commons
Midtown West; Courtesy of Flickr User David Boeke, Licensed via Creative Commons

NYC’s Midtown East: Rezoning and Streetscaping

New York City’s Midtown East will be facing a rezoning in the near future, bringing a dozen office towers into the already crowded neighborhood.  To help the Bloomberg Administration address the issues that may arise with this move, the city…

San Francisco Javier School / Martin Hurtado Covarrubias & Sergio Quintana Felice Arquitectos Asociados

© Leonardo Finotti

Architects: & Sergio Quintana Felice Arquitectos Asociados
Location: Guillermo Gallardo 269, Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region,
Area: 27030 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Why Skaters Need the Southbank Centre

© joannapoe via Flickr

Among the extensive discussion of Feilden Clegg Bradley‘s scheme to redesign the Southbank Centre in London, one issue which has sometimes been ignored by the architectural media has been the proposal to relocate the skate park in the under-croft of the Queen Elizabeth Hall to a space beneath the nearby Hungerford bridge.

Unsurprisingly, this decision has sparked a petition, which has collected nearly 40,000 signatures to save one of the UK’s most famous skating hotspots. We’ve talked about how skaters can teach architects about understanding space before; however, in this instance I would like to examine how skaters as a (sub)cultural entity interact with the city, and how the city can cater to their needs. Though many architects are already in favor of accepting skaters, I hope to explore why the wider community tends to see skating as a problem to be solved, and what this can reveal about the proposal at the Southbank Centre.

Read on to find out more about the peculiar way skaters experience cities…

Das Brot. at the Autostad / Designliga

Courtesy of

Architects: Designliga
Location: Autostadt, Stadtbrücke, 38440 Wolfsburg,
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Designliga

Courtesy of Urbanitas Berlin-Barcelona, Associació de Mestres Rosa Sensat
Courtesy of Urbanitas Berlin-Barcelona, Associació de Mestres Rosa Sensat

‘Childhood and Public Space’: A Dialogue Between the Arts, Education and Urban Design Conference

Taking place July 6-7 at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the ‘Childhood and Public Spaces’ international conference offers a series of perspectives and experiences on actual childhood space scenarios in the city. An encounter with urban-design practice, educational experience and artistic methods…

Prototype Housing I / Collective Studio

Bamboo strip loft with hatch door

Architects: Collective Studio
Location: ,
Architects In Charge: Eva Lloyd + Giacomo Butte
Area: 40 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Collective Studio

Haus F / Ippolito Fleitz Group

© Bruno Helbling

Architects: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Location: ,
Design Team: Peter Ippolito, Gunter Fleitz, Minka Ludwig, Jing Zhao, Hadi A. Tandawardaja
Area: 300 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Bruno Helbling

© Christian Richters
© Christian Richters

‘Motion Matters’ Exhibition / UNStudio

Currently on view until July 4th at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin, UNStudio…‘s ‘Motion Matters’ Exhibition presents ten of UNStudio’s milestone projects, in addition to conveying their perspective on 25 years of architectural production, their current approach to architectural

Ice Falls / James Carpenter Design Associates Inc

© Andreas Keller

Architects: James Carpenter Design Associates Inc
Location: 959 8th Avenue, , NY 10019, USA
Architect In Charge: Foster, Partners
Design Team: Johanna Kindvall, Jonathan Forsythe
Architect Of Record: Adamson Associates Architects
Design Principal: Torsten Schlauersbach, Richard Kress
Water Consultant: Fluidity Design Consultants
Cast Glass Fabrication: John Lewis Glass
Year: 2006
Photographs: Andreas Keller

Great Fen Visitor Center Winning Proposal / Shiro Studio

Courtesy of

Shiro Studio, in collaboration with Mesh Partnership and Equals Consulting were just announced by RIBA as the winning team of the Great Fen Visitor Center competition. Sitting beautifully within the expansive landscape, the team had skillfully incorporated elements of the traditional Fenland building typology within an exciting contemporary visitor center design. The silvery and bog-oak black exterior, shimmering with the play of Fenland light, would contrast markedly with, and complement, its spacious, light-filled interiors and panoramic views onto the surrounding landscape. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Light Loft / LPzR architetti associati

© Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria, Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria

Architects: LPzR architetti associati
Location: Marghera 32, Milano,
Architect In Charge: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria
Design Team: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria, Luca Gobbo, Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria, Federico Reyneri
Area: 500 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria, Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria

Villa V / Paul de Ruiter Architects

© Tim Van de Velde

Architects: Paul de Ruiter Architects
Location: ,
Project Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Project Leader: Chris Collaris
Area: 489 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Tim Van de Velde