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Mivka Hotel Resort / Enota


Architects at Enota have shared with ArchDaily their recent competition entry, a “natural experience” hotel resort in , Slovenia, entitled ‘Mivka’. For additional images of their design as well as descriptive text from the architects themselves, please follow after the jump.

Office Building in Vevey / Atelier Zündel & Cristea and Architram


Parisian architects, A/ZC have shared with us their recent work for a office building in the Swiss city of . For additional images and brief description of the process behind their proposal, please follow along after the break.

The Pitch: A Hands-on Workshop on Attracting a Client in Two Minutes or Less

Amusingly awful Architect with client stock photo. Enjoy.

We often think of Architecture as a profession within a vacuum, an idyllic world in which design is left to the imagination of the Architect and the possibilities of success are endless… so long as one finds a client. For as great as an Architects work is, or could be, without a client to realize those abilities with, an Architects work often goes unrealized and unappreciated. In a profession built on the visual and the tactile, the ability to verbally translate ideas and abilities serves as both the facilitator and denier. All Architecture school students have gone through the critique process, but presenting to  someone within academia is wildly different than making a pitch to a potential client.

AIA New York is hosting an workshop for perfecting the architectural pitch in two minutes or less. The power of a two-minute elevator pitch lies in cutting your mission and values down to  the essentials, capturing a client’s interest to make them want to know more about you and hopefully hire you.

YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes International Ideas Competition


The Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design at University of Montreal (CPEUM) is pleased to officially launch an international ideas competition in urban design YUL-MTL : Moving Landscapes. The international ideas competition aims to reinvent the landscapes that highlight ’s international gateway corridor linking -Trudeau International Airport (YUL) to its downtown area (MTL) along Autoroute 20.

The International Ideas Competition is anonymous, free and open to all planning and design professionals. It is held as a single-stage. A total of $100,000 CAN will be awarded to and shared between 3 laureates.

More information and a link to the competition can be found after the jump.

AME-LOT / Malka Architecture


Stephane Malka, of Malka Architecture has shared with ArchDaily his project AME-LOT, a material reuse, found material, restorative proposal. Further images of the project as well as a narrative from the architect are available after the break.

2011 MAD Travel Fellowship: Call for Submissions

MAD Travel Fellowship Logo

The MAD Travel Fellowship was launched by MAD Architects in 2009 to provide mainland Chinese students with an opportunity to travel abroad and research an architectural topic of their choosing. It is only through travel  the visceral experience of walking into a space – that one can begin to understand the full context and meaning of architecture.

In the past two years, with the support of long-term sponsor VERTU, 10 students from all over China have received the grant and traveled to destinations including , Switzerland, the United States, and Egypt.This year, 5 students will have the opportunity to travel for 7-10 days in their chosen city or region of independent study. Following their trip, the students will give a public presentation of their experience.

Qualifications, submission and further information is available after the break.

X-House / Kellen Qiaolun Huang


Cornell M. Arch student, Kellen Qiaolun Huang recently received a special mention in d3′s Housing Tomorrow international architecture design competition for 2011 ,winner in  Interior Architecture category for his project, X-House. For a description of the project as well as the associated graphics, please follow us after the jump.

Young Architects Forum’s 2011 Ideas Competition Results


The American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) Young Architects Forum (YAF) and Committee on Design (COD) have selected the recipients of the second annual YAF/COD Ideas Competition, sponsored by TOTO. Results in addition to images of the awarded projects with brief narratives from the designers can be found after the break.

Ideas on Edge Parramatta/ Tyrrell Studio

courtesy of Mark & Daniel Griffin

Sydney based Tyrrell Studio has collaborated with Daniel Griffin to create a first prize winning entry to the 2011 international design competition Ideas on Edge Parramatta. The competition received over 150 entries, 40% international and the remainder from around . There were 3 equal winners. Images of the winning entry and a narrative from the architects after the break.

Fashion & Art Graduate School in Tel Aviv/ Chyutin Architects


Israeli designers, Chyutin Architects have shared with their proposal for a fashion and art graduate school in . The proposal was created for a open architectural competition for the project, in which Chyutin Architects were a noted finalist. Additional images of their work and a description from the architects can be seen after the break.

KKL Luzern Acoustic Upgrade / WSDG

KKL Exterior
KKL Luzern, one of the world’s premium halls, has selected WSDG for its Electro Acoustic Upgrade. The ongoing project to update the systems of the concert hall should be completed in 2012. Read more about the KKL Luzern and the acoustic upgrade being performed by the architectural acoustics team WSDG after the break.

Mixed Use Center in Zhangjiagang / ATKINS


ATKINS Shanghai has recently completed the design concept for a future skyscraper/mixed use center for the future central business district of Zhangjiagang, . Additional renderings, plans and a description from the architects can be found after the jump.

O’ Mighty Green / STAR strategies + architecture

Sustainable Cenotaph for Isaac Newton – Boullée, 1784: © , 2011

The Rotterdam based design team STAR strategies + architecture has shared with us their recent project, O’ Mighty Green, a critical piece about Green – washing and especially about the abuse of “Green” in architecture. Additional images and text can be seen after the break.

Nikis Square / Dimos Moysiadis + Xaris Tsitsikas

Courtesy + Xaris Tsitsikas

Young Greek architects Dimos Moysiadis and Xaris Tsitsikas, have just shared their latest project, an architecture competition entry for the redesign of the central square in Kozani, . The proposal is focusing on a redesign of the public space for hosting various social activities while composing an attractive pole for gathering people of all ages 24 hours a day. The proposed design philosophy was developed by considering the square as the kernel of social everyday life. For additional images and a brief description, follow after the break.

Cinema Pushkinsky / Popular Architecture


The Brooklyn architecture team Popular Architecture has recently had their proposal for Cinema Pushinsky shortlisted in DuPont’s 2011 Changing the Face competition. Further images of their proposed restoration and a brief narrative after the jump.

Agung Sedayu Center / KuiperCompagnons


Rotterdam based KuiperCompagnons has recently won first prize in the design competition for the sustainable office building Agung Sedayu Center in . Further images of their winning design as well as a description from the architects can be seen after the break.

Vertigata / VOX


Students , Derek Magee and Tiffany Carlson of The Danish Institute for Study Abroad have taken first place in Chicago Architecture Today’s 2011 International Mock Firm Skyscraper Design Challenge with their skyscraper proposal for Stockholm. Additional images of VOX‘s (the student’s mock firm) winning proposal in addition to a video and a description of the work can be found after the break.

Maintenance Depot of the Future / Malmström Edström


Malmström Edström, along with three other architectural firms, were invited to a parallel assignment aiming to create a concept for future railway installations and maintenance buildings. The goal of the assignment was to find a design concept with a high architectural standard. Additional images of Malmström Edström‘s selected proposal and a brief description can be seen after the break.