Pixel House / Mass Studies and Slade Architecture

© Yong Kwan Kim

The Pixel House designed by in collaboration with Slade Architecture in Gyeonggido, , thoughtfully incorporated the needs of their client, a young family of four.  There is a vagueness between public and private space, landscaping and building, which was the intention of both the client and architects.

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Architects: Mass Studies and Slade Architecture
Location: Gyeonggido, Korea
Mass Studies Project Team: Minsuk Cho, Kisu Park, Joungwon Lee, Soonbok Choi, Junkoo Kang, Sungpil Won
Slade Architecture Project Team: James Slade, Illya Korolev, Oliver Spreckelsen
Structural Engineer: Youngho Lee
MEP Engineer: Samjung Engineers, Jinsan Engineers
Construction: Hanwool Construction
Client: Younghyo Jin, Sookhee Chan
Project Area: 85.30 sqm
Project Year: 2003
Photographs: Yong-Kwan Kim

© Yong Kwan Kim

From the architects:

We chose to break the row into fragments rather than just extending the “wall” of houses to the end of the site, by placing the main house at the western end of the site. This allows a bleeding between the front and back spaces and creates an outdoor space open to the street within the depth of the row house.

© Yong Kwan Kim

At a micro scale this tension between the contoured natural condition and the orthogonal master plan condition is further developed in the choice of materials. By using a simple orthogonal brick, in an orthogonal order and allowing the bricks to slide out of plane to create the curved wall, the tension between orthogonal and contoured form is revealed. This tectonic tension is parallel to the tension that exists between the building and the row of houses adjacent to it and between the master plan massing and the hilly landscape.

© Yong Kwan Kim
Cite: "Pixel House / Mass Studies and Slade Architecture" 22 Nov 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=90028>


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    It looks very dinamyc. Beautiful brick exposure and color. I like and the interiors to. Even that is kind of look like a student concept work, I find it very beautiful, great proportion, nice dinamyc sensation, great interiors. Bravo, great house, and Bravo to the owners one.

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    interior spaces ovbouly show way too much time and money were spent on exterior. it’s an interesting skin concept, but the overall massing and interior spaces are not elegantly excuted.

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    A big waste of those generous window to have them blocked by a bulkhead a few metres in. No way should the sun be blazing in through there onto those books like that. And how strange to deny the user of the staircase and the lower room that is open to it, some of that light and sunshine and any view out, while opening up the room at the opposite corner so much it’s virtually a shop display. Unless this was the intention.
    I’d hate to do my computer work with my back to the staircase. The feeling of traffic passing behind me as well as draughts around me, would be unsettling.
    In fact, looking at the pictures, I can’t see a single room that doesn’t look more like a transit area. Energy roars through and out of these spaces like autumn leaves in a gale.
    Quite an unliveable house.

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