Erha Clinic Surabaya / HMP Architects

© Fernando Gomulya

Architects: HMP Architects
Location: Surabaya, East Java,
Principal in Charge: Heru Mudito Prasetyo
Project Team: Heru Mudito Prasetyo, Mirna Listianti
Interior Design: Joke Roos (Studio Air Putih)
Structural Engineering: PT. Sentra Reka Struktur
General Contractor: PT. Praharsa Vastupala
ME Engineering: PT. Trisakti Mekar Mandiri
Lighting Consultant: Lumina Lighting
Site Area: 2,855 sqm
Project Area: 3,386 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Fernando Gomulya

This building serves as a support for community health facilities, more specifically as a skin care clinic. This building is expected to accommodate medical activities and customer facilities.

The building is a single mass with art deco style and modern touch. Building form consisting of head, neck, and body. Vertical elements in art deco style is very strong. This can be seen on the blades of the walls between windows, the height of the window itself, and the lines of the balcony railing. Formal and rigid impression of a symmetric elements are refined with the presence of the glass box at the entrance. This modern glass box became a point of interest of the building, besides its main function as a receiving room.

© Fernando Gomulya

The selection of natural stone building materials for the exterior was chosen to give the impression of exclusivity and professional, considering its function as a commercial building which aims to attract visitors.


The building mass is placed away from the front site boundary to reduce the bulky impression. The building is aesthetically more enjoyable from a considerable distance because the proportion of single large-scale buildings and the height can be seen in their entirety. Supported also by the existence of a city park in front of the site as a roadblock, the city park can be a space to enjoy the beauty of the overall building facade.The long canopy at the drop-off area is made to give the warm and welcoming impression. The canopy serves as protection from rain and heat.

© Fernando Gomulya

Neat city parks supports the harmony between the environment with the building which also give formal impression. Natural lighting in the building is achieved through the high windows installed in four sides of the building which also provides natural ventilation for the building when needed.

This large scale clinic creates new lifestyle for society which will add value for Surabaya city as a commercial center in East Java. It also completes the variety needs of society and demands of specific health facilities.

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  • James

    Sometimes I wonder who the heck screens the projects that go on this site. Dont get me wrong, Archdaily is a good site at time, but projects like these do very little to advance architectural debate. I have emailed Archdaily several times with numerous interesting, ground breaking projects and have never had a response.

    As for this building, I have no idea what makes it worthy of mention on here. Is it a hospital or a hotel? Its gaudy, flashy, and despite the text stating it “serves as a support for community health facilities” one cant help but wonder what the admission criteria for new patients is? Im sure the average Joe wouldnt be welcome for their annual check up thats for sure.

  • James

    And by the way, if anybody here lives or is visiting the UK, I would urge them to visit the Highland Housing Expo on the outskirts of Inverness in Scotland for some truly innovative housing designs for low and zero energy/carbon neutural designs that havnt gone over the top in trying to be pretentious. It is a very interesting expo (please note I am in no way affiliated with it, I just feel that we should be acknowledging all the hard work that has been put into it)

    • Alberto

      you are starting a debate!

  • aimee

    just another beautiful building but less in meaning…

  • d

    aaaa.. maybe archdaily is secretly shifting into promotional media, just like your favorite radio stations who usually play great songs, but then start to play songs for promotional intention as the station’s popularity increase. too bad if its true..

  • BetterThanNothing

    Errr… not the kind of clinic for common people, but i love how the parked cars form curvy shape in front.

  • utopianrobot

    as an architect in america now collecting unemployment insurance i’d gladly clean the glazing in the lobby for wealthy indonesians.

  • roni muhammad hidayat

    saya ingin menjadi bagian gardener di erha surabaya roni 03170830413

  • Coa

    This is real architecture. Good proportions, very nice details and materialisation. Follows some classical principles, yet is very contemporary. I suppose that some are disturbed by it’s symmetry. All right, symmetry may not be building’s main advantage, but it’s also not disadvantage in any case. We should see more of this and less of those de(con)structive garbage!