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EC*-Cocoon / Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou

Not so long ago, we featured Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou’s Maison Eco-rce, a timber residence, and today, we share his EC*-Cocoon, a low energy house.  Designed for the competition BETWIN, the low energy houses are prefabricated modules that are installed upon a set of walls and plinths made from locally gathered stones. More about the design after the break.

The skin of the home wraps all the equipment that is energetically self-sufficient at ground floor level.  The “thermic curtain” on the exterior is a type of space blanket that keeps the heat in winter nights and protects the house from the sunlight in the summer afternoons.

To define the home’s sense of place, the lower level’s wall of stones helps create “the relation between the house and the street and the pedestrian.”

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