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Antivilla / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider

  • 14:00 - 10 May, 2015
Antivilla / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider
Antivilla / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider, © Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer

© Erica Overmeer © Erica Overmeer © Erica Overmeer © Erica Overmeer +27

  • Architects

  • Location

    Rotkehlchenweg, 14476 Potsdam, Germany
  • Design Team

    Elsa Beniada, Peter Behrbohm, Klara Bindl, Victoria Hlubek, Tobias Hönig, Cornelia Müller, Markus Rampl, Paul Reinhardt, Jacob Steinfelder, Caspar Viereckl; Structural engineering: Karin Guttmann, Robert Hartfiel, Andreas Schulz / Pichler engineers.
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

  • Execution Planning

    Emde + Schneider
  • Project Management

    Emde + Schneider
  • Structure

    Pichler Ingenieure / Andreas Schulz, Robert Hartfiel, Karin Guttmann
  • More SpecsLess Specs
© Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer

From the architect. Antivilla, the refurbished former German Democratic Republic lingerie factory „Ernst Lück“ at the Krampnitzsee, southwest of Berlin, questions the relationship between building regulations and standards, energy efficiency together with the idea re-use and adaptive living.

© Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer

Built between 2010 and 2014 Brandlhuber+ together with Pichler engineers developed a combined living and studio building with a new approach.  

© Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer
First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
© Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer

Instead of insulating the existing structure and to save costs, the façade was covered with shortcrete. To generate an open space all non-bearing walls were removed and a functional 20 square meter core with the staircase, bathroom, kitchenette, fireplace as well a sauna were installed in the center of both floors. The space can be zoned by simple transparent PVC curtains according to the actual climate needs. In the summer time the curtains are retreated only to a 10 square meter bedroom in the 230 square meter open loft space, while in winter the heated area makes only 60 square meters of the whole floor area which includes moving the bed closer to the open fire.

Exploded Axonometric
Exploded Axonometric

The gable roof, made of corrugated asbestos plates, was removed and replaced by a flat concrete slab that structurally allowed big openings in the walls. These, up to five meter, large windows on the north and south facade, are the result of the collective work by friends hammering away the wall to create big openings which provide a scenic view over the nearby lake.

© Erica Overmeer
© Erica Overmeer
Cite: "Antivilla / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider" 10 May 2015. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Mr Basabose · August 18, 2015

When are they finishing the job?

Mindaugas · June 04, 2015


Станислав Гаврилов · May 20, 2015

Something very fresh

Carlo Narducci · May 17, 2015

masterpiece. finally.

Fi · May 14, 2015

If I read such comments written by architects I am realy dissapointed about architects political conciousness. It is pure - in term of critical aesthethic theory - work of architectural art. It is questioning the role of architect making buildings "beautiful", questioning the way how we judge beauty of architecture, questioning aging. It is a pity many of us don't appreciate the value of critical thought in archiecture (still thinking about themselves as being artists :). Architecture as a profesion is in crisis and almost all coments below are proofing that. Great job Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider !

Gurkiran Dhaliwal · May 16, 2016 03:51 AM

This is an old comment on an old post, but personally I'm extremely, extremely amazed at these comments. This is such a beautiful design. I love everything about this house, and would die to one day have something similar under my name. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I saw this house on freunde von freunden a while ago, and keep revisiting it, its just so striking.

Farcitect · May 12, 2015

Honestly though, why dumb down the plans and sections to such an extent? Aesthetic issues aside it would be interesting to see how they integrated the old and the new on a material level.

Haeyoung Yoon · May 11, 2015

One of the best talents in a long long time... But Pichler overlay is quite evident..

Sidoni · May 11, 2015

Finally I like it!

skrilax · May 11, 2015

@Croco Dile - what ancient epoch have you just time-traveled from? The notions of "beautiful" and "ugly" haven't been involved in responsible discussions about architecture from years. Nobody forces you to live there. The design is interesting in itself, it pushes the notions of minimalism and asceticism to the extreme, questioning what we really do need to live comfortably and to what degree space itself is more important than things we have in our flats/houses.

Croco Dile · May 11, 2015 02:09 PM

Typical for a self-centered architect !
Show this building to 1000 everyday people and you will get the right answers.

Papanoa · May 11, 2015


Lelong · May 11, 2015 09:49 AM

You think the designer has so much knowledge to know what Themroc is? Wow, that I would say it is a nice design. But I have not read in the description above about Themroc or anything of it's topic.

H-J · May 11, 2015

Awesome design and design-process. Would love to live there. They had a big article in Mark #55 recently explaining the inspiration and ideas behind the project.

Laurence Srinivasan · May 11, 2015

this former lingerie factory still is a little too revealing... ; )

Lelong · May 11, 2015

Croco Dile there was a designer involved? Hope he lost his job after this 'Villa'. This is more than ugly and I am very sorry for the people who must live next to it. Thought German architecture was on a way higher lever 100 years ago. Seems it is going down with the modern architecture.

brandlchallenge · May 11, 2015 10:28 AM

Brandlhuber is quite well know in Germany. You need to see this as one of his experiments with low-fi and low-cost building as in this project:

Yes, the aesthetic is, uhm, "challenging".

Croco Dile · May 11, 2015 04:38 AM

This thing is not representative of German architecture.
The overall level of buildings design looks very pedestrian though. In the past the customers demaded higher quality of design, it seems, which is not the case since WW2.
Now Germany looks really "democratic"..... and people may be even proud of it.
This is how typical German "urban planning" looks like..... it's a shame !

Lelong · May 11, 2015 01:07 AM

Just went on their website. It is also an antiwebsite. Maybe they are after all only antiarchitects with an education of .... hm, let me think about it. Holy s...!

DANL · May 10, 2015

this is architecture

architecturestudent · May 10, 2015

rachel the better antivilla

Croco Dile · May 10, 2015

So the reinforcement of an ugly box is "questioning" ?
Rather, people will question the mental health of those "designers".


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© Erica Overmeer

Antivilla 住宅 / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider