Burj Dubai, tallest building in the world almost finished

Some love this building, and some hate it. I´m impressed.

The Burj Dubai (set to be the tallest tower in the world, while the tallest structure as of now), is almost finished. Located in , it´s the centerpise of a mixed-use development that will include 30,000 homes, 9 hotels, 3 ha of parks, 19 residential towers, a man and a 12ha artificial lake.

I decided to Google about the Burj Dubai a little, and i found an interesting interview at Wired with SOM´s structural engineer Bill Baker, telling the story behind the design, the structure and construction. The foundations were overengineered just in case the client wanted to rise the height of the building during construction… which he did!. Now the final height won´t be disclosed until the construction is finished.

For now, enjoy this pictures the air on an helicopter by David Hobcote, seen at Gizmodo:

Cite: Basulto, David. "Burj Dubai, tallest building in the world almost finished" 19 Aug 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 15 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=5686>


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    i think this building is to much tatalitary buliding, or ill crazy just monye viewer… i dont like it

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    it makes me feel undurably.It ‘s just impressive becase of its height,and context as well.

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    Its amazing.I already saw this building’s picture. It was taken from the building’s top end. In that picture, one could see the bent of globe. Please try to provide that. That will make everyone much amazing.

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    As Prince Alwaleed from Saudi Arabia already has a one-mile high (5280 ft.) tower planned in Jeddah, the folks from Dubai didn’t want to be left behind and are planning a 7500 ft. tall tower. Now think about this!

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    What a ridiculous waste of money. To put a building of this magnitude in the middle of nowhere amongst a bunchy of nobody’s that will eventually be destroyed anyway is incomprehensible…

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    what’s impressive is the construction site and the logistic side of it. Clearly shows the amazing things man can do when money is involve! I strongly disagree with those who say its a waste of money, this project with generate enough money to pay itself over a few years… sure this money could have been used for better purpose like saving lifes in poor countries but this is how our society works!

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      Te parece bien eso de gastar dinero en países pobres? dime de un gobierno que sea pobre? Uno sólo. Y sí trabajas honestamente tú dinero, sí quieres gastalo como quieres, con tus ami@s, o tus hij@s, es tu derecho. Ellos quieren figurar en el mundo, y lo hacen.

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    This is absolutely breath taking…I can’t imagine the engineering that is involved. Saw a TV special on the design and the beginning construction…was very impressive.

    As for a previous comment about “waste of money”…I guess, if you have it…spend it !

    Reg Green / Canada

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    i don’t like it. Anything but crazy. When will they stop building unnecessary things like “the world”, … stupid

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    Money wasted… humanity and science need that money, whatever americans builded it

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    what for? to fullfil cheap architectural magazines? dubai lacks completely of culture, it is just a interesting but very bad phenomena of bad capitalism… fuck this enterprise…

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    Sears Tower….same concept…same structural system….same firm….same energy…different day

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    ‘development that will include 30,000 homes, 9 hotels, 3 ha of parks, 19 residential towers, a man and a 12ha artificial lake’

    Sorry to point it out but this made me chuckle, such a big development and they only include 1 man?

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    doesn’t anybody think that this building looks like an oil rig?

    i don’t like it. dubai has better buildings. this building is just ugly

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