Between Cathedrals / Alberto Campo Baeza

© Javier Callejas

Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza
Location: Cádiz,
Project Year: 2000-2009
Photographs: Javier Callejas

The project “Between Cathedrals” seeks to create an intervention worthy of the most significant location in the history of Cadiz, the oldest city of the West: the empty space facing the sea located between the Old and New Cathedrals.

platform floor plan

The basic premise is to cover and protect an archeological excavation. Additionally, this new plane serves as a base for a space facing the ocean, a raised public space providing clear views unobstructed by cars passing on the circle road.

© Javier Callejas

A light, white platform is thus conceived, poised over the excavation as if on tiptoe, and reached by a side ramp. Over this plane, a huge canopy structure is built to provide protection from the sun and rain.

Constructed as if it were a ship, it is painted completely white to accentuate its lightness. The paved area is carpeted in white marble.

© Javier Callejas

In the construction of the base; the memory of ships. In that of the shade structure, as if it were a baldachin; the memory of a holy week procession.

We would like to make a beautiful piece of architecture, worthy of this wonderful place, and worthy of being part of the collective memory of Cadiz.

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  • heidi

    it is simple and lovely .

  • Melnikov


    Campo Baeza : architecture of the 70´s.
    Need to change autocad 2004…. by Rhino or Catia….!

    • communist

      Architecture can not be determined by the media it is represented or elaborated in, and it is timeless my friend.

    • Roberto

      Ohhh… My… Where did u ‘study’ architecture? Tell us…

    • greb

      He ‘study’ Rhino|Grasshopper, probably…. but not Architecture ))

    • jiuti

      Melnikov, I would change my profile name on your place :))

  • Sancho Panza

    Melnikov, yo can change your feelings by a number…, or better, by an equation…

  • keroro


    • jiuti

      Exactly !!!

  • mav

    Campo Baeza, beautifull!

  • Nico

    Clean, Simple and Elegant… purely minimalist.

  • alejandro

    It´s really more like 80′s minimalism, hahha! nevermind it´s sad to see conversations are becoming meaningless chats, each day goes arch daily is getting shallower!

  • Nicholas Patten

    Between Cathedrals.

  • João B.

    the pictures made me want to be there… thanks Alberto Campo Baeza and Javier Callejas… I know we can’t judge architecture ONLY using our feelings, but based on mine, I could say this is a wonderful piece of architecture… point for Baeza…

  • arconserve

    Modern pavilion bridges space between two historic cathedrals in Cádiz, Spain #archdaily

  • ponce de leon

    Great space.

    a powerful whisper

  • Teo

    Bad location on Google Maps ! That’s not where the construction is located.

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