AD Recommends: Phillip Johnson by David LaChapelle

© LaChapelle Studio

Philip Johnson (1906-2005), one of the most influential American architects portrayed by .

Philip Johnson received the Pritzker Prize back in 1979.

This and another photo at LaChapelle Studio.

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  • Dustin

    haha that’s awesome.

  • WillM

    To bad Johnson was a colossal prick. I used to like him a lot but then read about him from others points of views and now think he was a prick.

    Then again, many of us are pricks in other people’s eyes no?

  • Ralph

    WillM – you’re probably right with your last line. I guess what really turned me off of Johnson was the whole Nazi sympathy thing he had going on, which probably put him in a league above the rest of us pricks…