P.S.1 2010 entry: P.S. 1 out of 7295 by BIG

Pool lounge ©

To close our coverage of this years YAP competition we present you BIG‘s proposal.

BIG’s invitation to the P.S.1 is not only rare for not being based in NY or in the US (they are based in Denmark), as it has been the common denominator over the years, but also because they have built several small-medium-large scale projects.

But personally, this was the proposal I wanted to see the most: BIG’s P.S.1 out of 7295 is a “cloudscape” formed by
translucent recycled PVC “bubbles”, with a cradle to cradle life-cycle design on which 7,295 bags will be made out of the ballons after the installation, completing the cycle that started as recycled truck bed covers and bags.

Check our P.S.1 coverage (2008 until 2010!) here.

More on BIG’s proposal after the break:

Bar © BIG

How can you make something temporary sustainable?

Bubbles to bags © BIG
Bubbles to bags © BIG

Building something in order to tear it down three months later seems like the epitome of excess and wastefulness. BIG proposes a structure that creates maximum impact with a minimum of means, where human life unfolds to the fullest with minimum material expense. An installation that consists of 99.9% air is formed as a cloud-like landscape for playing, relaxing, and dancing that provides seating, playgrounds, water, shade and light. The P.S.1 installation is conceived as a three-month chapter in the cradle to cradle life-cycle design of the cloudscape. The fabric of the cloudscape is translucent recycled PVC, made from recycled truck bed covers and bags, reducing the environmental impact by 80% on average by eliminating the raw material extraction and production processes.

Bounce © BIG
Pool © BIG
Dance © BIG

The cloudscape is continuous from the entrance to the courtyard, taking on three primary forms – a bubbly dune in the big rectangular courtyard, including a mega air mattress for play and physical activity and a paddling pool surrounded by bouncy seating; a three-dimensional cumulus landscape in the main courtyard with a covered chill out area of air mattresses and beanbags as well as a shaded bar for staff and guests; and a cluster of free floating cirrus clouds above the DJ and dance floor. The cloudscape is composed of spheres of two different sizes made from a composition of identical triangulated S-shapes. After deflation at the end of the season, the S-shapes can be folded into ManhattanPortage Bags. Each bag is given a unique number that is printed on the fabric along with the pattern and folding instructions. After the season the bags can be sold as numbered fragments of the total piece – P.S.1 out of 7295.

The bar cloud © BIG
The disco cloud © BIG
The grotto cloud © BIG
The jumping cloud © BIG
The lounge cloud © BIG

SIZE: 1.550 M2
Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels
Project Leader: Jakob Henke
Contributors: Daniel Sundlin, Aleksander Tokarz, Alysen Hiller, Xi Chen

Cite: Basulto, David. "P.S.1 2010 entry: P.S. 1 out of 7295 by BIG" 09 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=49403>
  • Bianchini

    One of the best projects for P.S.1 until now!
    Great diagram!

  • INawe

    its nothing new conceptually but it seems like a really fun proposal. i guess it makes sense because BIG has always been really good at doing “one-liners”.

  • http://twitter.com/dwell/status/8890868052 dwell

    gosh it's getting Cloudy around here http://bit.ly/9gql6V http://bit.ly/c1q9Ay http://bit.ly/ioD27 #PS1 #London2012 #design #computing

  • dezmond

    Looks like a skin rash… yyyiiikkkeeesss

  • WSBY

    I like it!!! BIG rules :)

  • lex diamond

    shouldive gotten 1st place!!!!!

  • Remmert Koolhaas


  • http://www.wem3.dk Ali Tabatabai

    Yes, The concept is well proven. Our design for Copenhagen Design Week 2009 – SHOWHOW was very successful. At the last day people could come by and get a few of the pavilion boxes for free and fold them to a small chair.

    see project: http://www.wem3.dk/#/showhow

  • Jose

    Their’s also…


    Welcome to History…

  • ryan

    I would think the how is important to the P.S.1 people. how is it built how will it look and feel. this project is leaving out all the cables to stabilize, all the time the balls will need to be refilled, and the fact that the balls will probably be hot to touch in the middle of summer. oh, and lets ignore possible insurance stuff with broken necks/arms from children and drunk people coming off the balls… and for the invite i know the principle is teaching at columbia so that maybe the reason for the invite, which is scary. I like SO-IL for the interaction, coverage of space and it will probably look clean and hold up well over the three months with little maintenance, and it’s interesting and local. but thats just my opinion

  • Ahmed Fathi

    yeah we’ve seen it before but i gotta admit it’s a great idea and i like it much more than the first prize winner. great spaces and experiences.

  • Joy C

    Spatially this project was very similar from 2008 for the Luminato festival in Toronto:


  • OC

    They should start to reinvent them selves.

    Seen it, heard it, got the diagram, dident like the T-shirt.

  • KL

    BIG’s diagrams have always disturbed me somewhat in that they are not diagrams in the full sense of the word. At lease not in the tradition of Eisenman or even Koolhaas. They are simply comic strips of facts rather than the embodiment of potentialities. One can only hope that such presentation strategy belies a more complex and intricate process of conceptualization.

  • vibenade

    yup..one should see BIG’s presentation boards for Low2No competition, they are more intricate design trajectory behind BIG occum-razor-ish diagrams

  • wave

    These guys really are fearless… it doesn’t matter if is ultra original or a recycled concept, they keep trying and trying to break the boundries of architecture and design, great statement towards an era of tiredness and piracy

  • copycats

    2 words: Tomas Saraceno

  • copycats

    Speaking of originality and recycled concept…2 words: Tomas Saraceno

  • copycats

    Wave – being groundbreaking is about being original. Check this link from a 2009 Copenhagen project, and give the real authors some of your affection instead…speak about recycled projects tsk…


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  • joe

    feel good fluff piece, and the bag will make you look cool