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To close our coverage of this years P.S.1 YAP competition we present you BIG‘s proposal. BIG’s invitation to the P.S.1 is not only rare for not being based in NY or in the US (they are based in Denmark), as it has been the common denominator over the years, but also because they have built several small-medium-large scale projects. But personally, this was the proposal I wanted to see the most: BIG’s P.S.1 out of 7295 is a “cloudscape” formed by translucent recycled PVC “bubbles”, with a cradle to cradle life-cycle design on which 7,295 bags will be made out of the ballons after the installation, completing the cycle that started as recycled truck bed covers and bags. Check our P.S.1 coverage (2008 until 2010!) here. More on BIG’s proposal after the break: How can you make something temporary sustainable? View more View full description
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