GMT Mysłowice Win Competition to Design Poland’s Stadion Ruch Chorzów

Courtesy of GMT

The design for a new stadium for Ruch Chorzów, one of Poland‘s largest football clubs, has been unveiled. The winning proposal, designed by GMT Mysłowice, will have a capacity for 12,000 seats and, although described as not being “the most impressive [design] overall,” has been selected for its simple, clean form and “value for money.” With ruch meaning ‘movement’ or ‘motion’ in Polish, the concept for the design has hinged around “giving passers-by a different perspective from every possible angle as they move along the stadium.”

Courtesy of GMT

According to StadiumDB, “single-tiered stands are to create a complete bowl of 12,000 seats once the stadium is built, but are also envisaged to be expandable by as much as 4,000 seats by simply adding three rows atop the entire bowl [without] not changing the integrity of the design.” Construction of the stadium is set to begin mid-2014.

Site Plan. Image Courtesy of GMT

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Cite: Taylor-Foster, James. "GMT Mysłowice Win Competition to Design Poland’s Stadion Ruch Chorzów" 30 Nov 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
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