Agaticeva St. / Randić & Turato


Architects: Randić & Turato / Saša Randić and Idis Turato
Location: Rijeka,
Collaborator: Gordan Resan
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Robert Leš

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The residential and office building in Agatićeva Street is a kind of filling for a long time desolate hole in the very centre of the town, which also opened the new pedestrian stretch that connects the Korzo with the northern end of the Delta. It is a detached house that concludes the row of houses on the northern border of Rijeka’s Old Town.

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The structure is an interpretation of anonymous city architecture with a geometrised envelope as the main feature that finds its logic in the geometry of Stealth planes. This envelope is continued from the façade to the roof, where large skylights are opened mechanically.


plan 01
plan 01

In the program sense the structure did not have defined contents until it was finished, so that it was planned in the way to enable interaction of different private and public programs. At the end of all program changes, the building was turned into a polyclinic, while apartments were moved to the fourth floor and under the roof. The apartments have a separate access to the common courtyard on the fourth floor.

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  • Alex

    Perhaps the worst piece of architecture i’ve seen.

    • MZ

      Perhabs the meaningsless comment I ever read.

      • HW

        I agree, MZ. The comment seems to imply little more than personal, subjective dislike. We are left wondering if the critic has ever seen some of the developer-driven EIFS
        postmodernist jobs built all over the USA, if he calls this
        the worst he’s seen.

        This building rigidly abides by the height, massing, and
        urban-plan logic of its context. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. However, the highly unusual and provocative “restrained” grammar of the skin seems to be turning many
        people off.

        Perhaps if one doesn’t like the skin, present some arguments as to why you think it doesn’t work?

  • robert

    agree with alex^
    simply awful!

    • abe

      Me too.

    • Oscar

      me too

  • Yorik

    One might call this “awful” or “ugly”, but I see several interesting things:
    - Several architects, including many well-known, are trying the “volume wrapped in a skin” concept these days, and this one is really not the worst of them, at least here it makes sense because it is like “wrapping” part of the old building
    - In whole Europe there is the very hard question of how to behave in historical contexts, do you really need to mimic older stuff in order to avoid “disrupting” the “harmony”? I think this project is a sensitive tentative to give a contemporary answer, because it is low-profile and strong at the same time
    - Of course we should see more of the project, but the first picture gives me a feel of modernist architecture which is something I like much in Eastern Europe countries because it is still regarded with consideration there.

  • Cesar Castro

    Maybe this building doesn’t make a statement, but I think it melts on the surrounds in a ver appropiated way.

    Being silent can be a quality too, especially when we are getting used to see the buildings (and the architects!!) screaming their presence.

    • Cesar Castro

      By the way, I completely agree with you Yorik.

  • ida

    meni se ovo sviđa. moderno je i lijepo a uklapa se u okoliš što nije bilo nimalo lako napraviti.

  • Agamemnon

    “Finds its logic in the geometry of stealth planes”? Oh come on. Far from being “silent”, this building screams “shallow” and “inappropriate”.

  • DW

    I don’t understand the significance of the stealth plane (has it been developed there?), but I do like the modest nature the architecture assumes. From the aerial photographs, it took me a few seconds to actually locate the building: it fits well with its surroundings on that scale.

    I would have liked to see a shot of the common courtyard (it was important enough to include it in the description) and the pedestrian space underneath.

  • Nicholas Patten

    Agaticeva St.

  • Oscar Niemeyer

    One of their worst projects. They do like to experiment with facades that usually dont corespond to the plans and sections, but this time they did make a failure.

  • Mario Bijou

    Très beau projet.
    Bonne et pertinante réponse sur une parcelle assez difficile…

  • Anna

    I found this building to absolutely have no sensibility to it’s surrounding, and to have very aggressive-dull impact on it. All in all I think it’s a failure.

  • Dragan Che

    i want to ask someone responsible to admin commente where is my comment!!! i dont see it offensive to anyone. It was the first submitted comment here.