Binh Thanh House / Vo Trong Nghia Architects + Sanuki + Nishizawa architects

© Hiroyuki Oki

Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects,
Location: Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Architect In Charge: Vo Trong Nghia, Shunri Nishizawa, Daisuke Sanuki
Site Area: 140 sqm
Area: 516.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

© Hiroyuki Oki

From the architect. Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, Binh Thanh House was designed for two families; a couple in their sixties, their son, his wife and a child.

© Hiroyuki Oki

The plot has a bilateral character, one is facing to a noisy and dusty street in a typical developing and urbanizing area in the city and one is very close to a canal and Saigon Zoo with plenty of greenery.

© Hiroyuki Oki

Against a backdrop of this duality of its setting, the concept of the house is to accommodate two different lifestyles in a tropical climate; a modern and well-tempered lifestyle with mechanical equipments such as air-conditioners, and a natural and traditional lifestyle, utilizing natural lighting and ventilation with water and greenery.

© Hiroyuki Oki

The house is composed of two different spaces positioned alternately. Spaces for modern lifestyle are allocated in three floating volumes wrapped by concrete pattern blocks. And the spaces between these three volumes are widely open to the exterior and allocated for the natural lifestyle where the residents enjoy wind, sunlight, green and water.

© Hiroyuki Oki

Three volumes are shifted back and forth to bring natural light into the in-between spaces, as well as to create small gardens on each floor. The bottoms of the volumes become the ceilings for the in-between spaces. These surfaces are designed with various curved shapes, providing each in-between space with different lighting effects.

© Hiroyuki Oki

Bedrooms and other small rooms are contained in the floating semi-closed volumes to enhance security and privacy. On the other hand, the open in-between spaces are designed to be independent living spaces for two families.

© Hiroyuki Oki

Pattern blocks, which used to be a popular shading device in Vietnam to get natural ventilation, are made of pre-cast concrete with 60cm width and 40cm height. It not only prevents the harsh sunlight and heavy rain but also enhances the privacy and the safety.

© Hiroyuki Oki

While this house looks different from the stereotypical townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City, all the architectural solutions are derived from the local lifestyle and wisdom. The House offers an interpretation of the ecological lifestyle in the modern tropical city. It is where modern and natural life are compatible with each other.

First Floor Plan
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  • Aleksas

    Nice. I like that dwelling has so much open space. Great job!

  • Thachday kts

    Nhìn công trình này lại mường tượng về 1 thời của kiến trúc Hiện đại .

  • Martin

    To me, Vo Trong Nghia Architects are the best at the moment! Pritzker please!

    • thangdong0310

      He is the best of Vietnamese architecture.

  • dud

    copy old style to Vietnam. zombie in Vietnam

  • Nam Hoang Phuong

    Quá tuyệt!có điều tầng trên cùng bị nóng. Mong anh chia sẻ thêm hình ảnh cấu tạo của những bồn trồng cây trên cao!



  • Peter

    This??! NO WAY! Probably the whole vietnamese architect society voted very disciplined on this poor “entry”. This “building of the year” contest makes no sense this way, it is totally like eurovision.

  • Peter

    (Sorry, I didn’t want to hurt anybodys feelings, but imho there were a LOT better houses this year.)

  • amber


  • Kts.Trần Thịnh

    Bông gió.Kiến trúc phổ biến 1 thời những năm 1970

  • Alan Stewart

    I like the breeze blocks to the facade – such a good use of an old concept to cool the house!

  • dangkhanh

    Công trình rất đẹp! Tôi thích nó! Nhưng có lẽ những người ở trong gia đình này
    sẽ sống một cuộc sống bất an vì “đạo chích” quá anh Nghĩa ơi!!! có biện pháp gì cải thiện không anh!??!

  • Hai

    Tuyệt vời !
    Càng nghiên cứu càng thấy công trình này thật gần gũi, bình dị, giản đơn.
    Giải pháp của anh thật là thông minh và chứng tỏ được nghiên cứu rất kỹ lưỡng.( Đến cái tầng hầm để xe của công trình cũng đầy nắng gió và mưa !!! )