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  • 02 Jun 2013
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Courtesy of Latitude Studio

Designed by Latitude Studio, their design of the research and design center in YuTian County, in the province of , , takes into account the issues of the corporate philosophy, contributes to creativity, and has respect for the workers and their working and living conditions. Through its 11 different shapes and facades, the concept also safeguards the environment and the consumption of energy to further sustain its resources. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Latitude Studio

In large industry structures, the construction of the industrial building is based on logistic, distribution and volumetric requirements determined by the production. It is one of the few building types whose value is measured more in terms of equipment assets than how it performs as social infrastructure.

Courtesy of Latitude Studio

Nowadays, the global competition has made the industrial building necessary to mark a visible difference from the competition. And since communication become much more importance than in the past when it comes to show the success or failure of a certain consumer commodity, the places and methods of production have become part of the circuit of the quality perceived by the users, thus contributing to orient the choices of the consumers. 

Courtesy of Latitude Studio

The different shapes and facades of the buildings create a complex where to design and create furniture surrounded by an urban garden. This open space will have different activities areas density: from a pure forest, to bicycle lines, water canals and garden follies for entertainments facilities. 

Courtesy of Latitude Studio

Along with design, engineer, test, assemble, construct, advertise and exhibit, it would perhaps be more appropriate to speak of industrial “campuses” of multi-functional places that represent the essence and substance of a company as a human body.

Architects: Latitude Studio
Location: YuTian, Hebei, China
Project Manager: Lihui Sim
Chief Designer: Manuel Navarro 
Team: Jorge Cortes, Wang Heyi, Carrie Xun, Lin Yiye
Area: 117,500m2
Program: Studios, office space, workshops, factories, logistic and dwellings
Type: Commission
Status: On-going
Year: 2013

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