Lego House Update


Last month, we featured a post about James May, a toy fanatic (and presenter of the television show James May’s Toy Stories), that built a house using bricks. The house was complete, but unfortunately, it’s now demolished after a deal to sell it didn’t quite go well.

Because the home didn’t have planning permission on its site, the builder was hoping to find a buyer to transport the house elsewhere. LEGOland theme park showed interest, but the high cost of transportation didn’t make seem like a good deal. The 3.3 million LEGO bricks used to build the home will be donated to charity once the home is teared down.

Seen at designboom. More images of James May with the completed house and demolition process after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Lego House Update" 28 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Jan Stolek

    What a pitty ! :(

    • james

      they destored the hole thing bra and that is pitty

  • roadkill

    i said it before and repeat it again… a waste of time and publicity stunt. I am amazed with the amount of people that fall for this non event and care to call it architecture… a fart has more architectural merit and serves some kind of purpose

    • AS


      Thats not the point. Wankers like you think they can say what architecture is. The very fact that you compare farts to the project shows your ignorance and naivety.

  • Pris

    it is so sad they had to tear it down!

    • james

      if they would have tour it down i would’ve went down there and took a pic of it and i’d try to tell them to make a football staduim so every one would be inpressed

  • jw


  • DW

    So Legoland would have bought it but it was too pricey to transport. So why on earth did the idiots not contact legoland before they built it? They probably could have built it in Legoland!

  • tony

    that guy is on top gear, right?
    i like that show

    • GS

      i like that show too, but that’s not him.

      • Benito

        yes it is.

      • aufi alwi

        is it?
        isn’t that Capt. Slow?

      • brendan

        it is him…i watch that show religiously

    • wesley

      Yeah, dude, that’s totally James May (! He does Top Gear *and* James May’s Toy Stories. Unfortunately…

      “In early August 2009, May built a house out of Lego at Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey. Plans for Legoland to move it to their theme park fell through in September 2009 because transport costs were too high and despite a final Facebook appeal for someone to take it, it was demolished on 22 September, with the plastic bricks planned to be donated to charity.” (

  • oscar falcón lara

    It’s a shame really… oh well, Legos are designed to build and rebuild, I’m sure they will have no trouble looking for a new location, one to build on.

  • md

    could be a market for lego block “stained glass” windows…

  • Chris

    I’d feel very tiny living in a lego house

  • kevin

    Bet it doesn’t have central heating…
    nice work Capt Slow!

  • vytenis

    yes, hes mr slow :D on top gear.

  • ghbk

    Where is the Stig ?

  • INawe


  • RQH

    What a beautiful project! Too bad they had to destroy it. If Chris Burden had done it it would be at LACMA or MoMA right now…

  • CZRzero

    Nice try. Maybe next time…

  • prtoplazma

    James May should come and built this house in Prishtina, capital of Republic of Kosovo, for sure his project won’t be demolished…lot of illegal building still stand solid…:(

  • ryan knock

    epic fail .. should have really figured out the details up front. This could have been genius.

  • Andrew Geber

    OMG i didnt know it was Captain Slow

  • Ale

    I love Top Gear

  • kasko

    who paid for all those bricks of lego`s.
    the inversionist commint suicide after d proyect went down

  • gbot

    IT WAS A HOUSE MADE OF LEGO! It had no insulation, no drywall in the interior. I note there were no pictures of the kitchen or bathroom so i doubt it even had plumbing. It was a sculpture or maybe a folly, but not a building as it could not be occupied for a long period of time. Could you imagine the water penetration in each crack of the lego, where would the water go? I don’t think it was meant to be permanent, more a stunt.

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  • nicopywriter

    How is that possible !!!!!

  • jake

    this is so disappointing. such a great idea, but it blew up in their face.

    someone needs to make an off-the-grid lego house lol

  • Richie

    I like this house you all made.