Prague Activators Proposal / Juras Lasovsky, Zuzana Masna, Koen Hezemans

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Designed by the collaboration of Juras Lasovsky, Zuzana Masna, and Koen Hezemans, their project “Prague Activators” suggests the idea of pontoons floating on the river. The pontoons “activate” the Vltava riverbank as well as various parts of the city of Prague. The proposal was originally awarded at the Skanska Bridging Prague Competition and was later elaborated into the current project Prague Activators. The project aims to motivate people not only to pursue activities on the riverside, but also to inspire them to care for the public space and alter it. More images and architects’ description after the break.


The overall goal of the competition was to find a new vision plan for the riverfront in the city center, while creating a unified experience, linking cultural, recreational, ecological, historical and economic opportunities.


Prague Activators’ pontoons are a flexible platform for diverse activities, such as workshops, cultural events, sports, or recreation. The key advantage of the project is the pontoons’ mobility: the pontoons are moved around by a tugboat so they can support different activities at different places. Moreover, the pontoons do not represent a permanent intervention but a temporary activity, so the free access to the river is being preserved.

pool and beach

Regular activities could build new communities, or support the existing ones. Last but not least, the pontoons and various activities would enable people to experience the river and city from a different perspective.

Collaborators: Juras Lasovsky, Zuzana Masna, Koen Hezemans
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Project Date: 2012-2013

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