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  • 01 Mar 2013
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OKRA, in collaboration with Mixst urbanism and Wageningen University, was recently announced as the winning team of the prestigious competition ReThink Athens towards a new city centre. Changing the heart of into a true contemporary metropolitan city centre requires transformation of the city triangle into a lively part of the city. The project aims to strongly contribute to the change of and improve the environment of the city plus activating the area economically. The team is supported by the Greek Architects of Studio 75 and Werner Sobek Green Technologies. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Dikaiosynis Square

Within the next months the OKRA team will further develop their ideas into an approved design for the central area in the city centre. During the execution phase it will be an International-Greek collaboration, where the Greek architects from Studio75 and Greek engineers will take part in progressing the winning competition entry to an approved plan that can be realized via European funding.

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Newly gained space, as a result of the major step towards a walkable city by reducing car traffic in this area, can be transformed into a vibrant, green and accessible heart of the city. We will take contemporary ideas on climate control, reduction of vehicular movement and programming public realm one step beyond: into an integrated proposal, creating a resilient, accessible and vibrant city, not just limited by its project borders, but linking this area to its adjacent areas and being a catalyst for the whole city. Crucial part of the new transformation is that heat mitigation of public realm will be realized, which will be an issue in many European cities within the forthcoming years. 

Omonia Square

The project ‘One step beyond’ focuses on creating a resilient city, accessible city and vibrant city.

Resilient City – The city centre of Athens will be transformed into a green network, and Panepistimiou will be the central green spine, providing shade and shelter. The resilient strategy includes specific attitudes towards reducing the urban heat and improving thermal comfort). A greening strategy for Athens is combined with a water strategy, since a good condition of plantings is crucial to contribute to heat reduction. Capturing rainwater in underground basins, on top of roofs or elsewhere helps to keep the water in the area. 

Courtesy of OKRA

Accessible city – The green framework will be treated as a coherent network of public realm in all directions and linking the adjacent neighbourhoods, having its highlight on Panepistimiou. Restoration of the continuities of the crossing streets creates continuity in the walking experience. By making the new tramline clear and present and part of the grandeur of the space it contributes to the aimed cohesion. In fact, Panepistimiou provides Shared space 2.0, a new balance between slow traffic and motorized movement. The design has three characteristic places: Omonia Square and Dikaiosynis Square will become a green urban squares, with prominent lush water elements. In the middle of Panepistimou Street, a green ensemble ties the university together into an urban park.

model 01

Vibrant city -Panepistimiou will change from ‘street’ to ‘boulevard’, by adding inviting spaces to stay to the linear space. Occupying and transforming ground floors, we introduce the concept of the theatre of 1000 rooms towards vacant buildings, organizing cultural events and shift focal points who will create a new vibrant atmosphere. Small open-air podia for outdoor initiatives will be created in public realm. Programs are related to Greek philosophy, science, drama and art. An ‘encroachment zone’ will improve active frontages and create linkages between the built environment and public realm. Interactive decorative light in public realm will give the right atmosphere during evening hours. 

model 02

The detailing of the project is very careful and will turn Panepistimiou and its environs to a signature space. And even more than that; it will be a welcoming space for all. Public space is about creating space for people. It is where those masses meet the ground and interact with each other that is the binding element to a city. So it will be important to implement green public spaces linked to the urban network of public realm, and to retain and improve this space, however large or small it is within the city, it is precious commodity.

model 03

By doing this we believe that the project tackles the anonymous space in the heart of Athens and demonstrates that urban vibrancy can be combined with creating a green and pedestrian friendly spine, contributing to quality of life and living in Athens.

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  • Panajiotis

    Disappointing at least…
    I don’t know what the judges where thinking cause is obvious to me that the project has missed the objectives that it claims to deliver

    – what vacant buildings??? Where there be actually 1000 rooms??
    This is one of the most commercial street in Athens!

    -quote:”the project tackles the anonymous space in the heart of Athens and demonstrates that urban vibrancy can be combined with creating a green and pedestrian friendly spine, contributing to quality of life and living in Athens.”

    And that’s way it hides interesting or even terrible architecture with a cloth of tall trees?? –
    Also no one will walk after midnight in a forest- there are bad Wolfs out there! And Greeks do stay up after midnight!

    It’s like an orangery in down-town Athens
    I believe that Athens needs more than “architectural eccentric-ism”* than more sententious engineering

    * term used during the presentation probably referring to starachitects

    Take Care

    • Demetra

      Panajioti, Panepistimiou USED to be the most commercial street in Athens. After the well-designed “crisis” most of the shops have been closed.
      Thus, it is very easy to find the 1000 vacant spaces. In the same way it is very easy to understand that this “crisis” has been nothing less than a real-estate business.

  • Witkowski Boguslaw

    Congratulations for this astonishingly visionary proposition! Less is more; however I would like to compare with the remaining submission on the web site of this prestigious competition. I suppose it should not be a secret anymore for the organizers.

  • Demetra

    Since when is Constitution Square called “Dikaiosynis” (judgement) Square???? Have we abolished the Greek Constitution, and we haven’t learnt about it yet???

    • Demetra

      My mistake, sorry, i confused the titles on the models

  • Demetra

    Can somebody explain to us, the Athenians, where will all the cars go??
    Pedestrianizing Panepistimiou will congest cars in Academias and Stadiou street, creating a traffic chaos in the capital. Greeks will always use their own cars, no matter how many pedestrianizing plans are introduced. City planning should take into account the locals’ habits, not try to change them creating a series of new problems
    It doesn’t make any sense to me, I find the whole idea completely meanless. Finally it seems that our mayor is a simple disaster, accepting something as pointless as this. Or that he has plenty of money to spend during the recession, to plant designer’s trees and build designer’s pavement. Meaningless.

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  • Iannis

    As the competition brief was already giving as a starting point the pedestrization of the street, the implementation of the tram and greenery plantation, can anyone explain what this proposal is adding to that? Indeed it looks like the designers failed to understand the most evident characters of the city: for sure fancy kiosks and expensive pavements won’t make Athens a better city.

  • Athenian

    This sentence in particular

    “Programs are related to Greek philosophy, science, drama and art.”

    Makes absolutely clear that this plan is superficial, adolescent and has nothing to do with the needs and functions of modern Athens, especially the city centre, and the people who live and work in it today.

  • Vicky

    Panajiotis I couldn’t agree more with you..Disappointing at least…