Råholt School / Kristin Jarmund Architects


Architects: Kristin Jarmund Architects
Location: Eidsvoll,
Main architects: Kristin Jarmund siv. ark. MNAL with Leif Daniel Houck, siv. ark. MNAL, Kjell Kristian Karlsen, siv. ark. MNAL. Per-Olav Haugen siv. ark. MNAL, Trine Hjelle, int. ark. MNIL
Building type: Lower Secondary school, 13-15 yers, 420 students
Project scope: Invited competition, 1st prize, full contract
Client: Eidsvoll County
Size: 5,200 sqm
Budget: 120 mill NOK
SProject year: 2004
Photographs: Per Maning & Stian Wiik

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Råholt school is set in a rural, agricultural landscape. The one-story glass pavilion is a 75 by 75 meters square. It is raised on a half-meter high platform and appears to hover above the surrounding fields. The entrance leads into an open-air atrium at the centre of the building. Four additional courtyards are cut into the structure. These inverse spaces allow for daylight to penetrate deep into the building.



Inside, the functions are given the design of a “village”. No corridors, but main streets, narrow paths, open squares, light wells and gardens. The central positioned auditoriums are designed as identifying objects that penetrate the roof as visual signals to the outside world.

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  • Remkool

    nice & cool !

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/philljackcolombia/ Filipe (colombia)

    more pic and draws! plis

  • Rokas

    the object seems quite fine-and the detalisation is (as it seems) not bad-so I agree with Filipe-”MORE NFORMATION!”…If you can :D

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  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto [tricky]

    Dear readers,

    After reading your comments, the Kristin Jarmund Architects sent us more photos and a view of the model so you can get a better idea about this project.


  • Salome

    Excellent concept, however despite the bright colours, the building has a clinical feel. Perhaps an incorporated landscape design could’ve broken the starkness of the design and created a slightly softer, more child friendly environment.

  • Tixie

    Cute.Nice,simple plan.