House in Mukouyama / TSC Architects


TSC Architects have completed a 1,180 square ft single family residence in Ichinomiya City, .  The two story home is constructed primarily from reinforced concrete. The materiality gives a strong character to the residential design as the concrete creates a harsh and bold exterior.  The architects do not attempt to soften that effect as the concrete stays exposed throughout the interiors.  Slices of light illuminate the hard wood floors bringing a touch of warmth to the structure.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "House in Mukouyama / TSC Architects" 17 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • vincent

    a building without clear statement…

  • Jubair Siddeeque

    Wish to see more, Probably the living and sleeping areas, some plans too. Different from the ando style, still good but not as good as Ando.

  • Fudge

    I really enjoy the continuity of materiality within this project, just as it is described the wood brings ‘a touch of warmth’ which just works. Very nice design, but not particularly homely.

  • majchers

    Interesting but darn cold. Not only Celsius-wise…

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  • Masone

    would be nice to see plans or sections, it would be easier to understand it then. but first picture (i think main facade) looks impressive.

  • StructureHub Blog

    Near iconic/designed in every detail! This project is one of the best poured-concrete projects (let alone homes) I’ve ever seen. The front is stately, the back adds depth/interest, and the interior (as far as possible w/ concrete walls) has warmth and better light than the outer envelope might suggest. I just wish (like many, I’m guessing) that there were a few more windows punched through (w/o hindering the judiciousness of placement, but allowing for a brighter, less electricity dependent, interior).

  • kasko

    Muy Frio

  • Squidly

    Beautiful facade. It seems the volume behind the facade could have been another “weaker” material, such as wood, and let the concrete stand as a wall.
    On an architecture site such as this, we’ve got to have plans!

  • Damien

    pure darkness… they needed to turn the lights on during day time in order to take the pictures… nice pure facade but there´s no space without light…

  • Alexis Alvarez

    A bit on the brutalist side.

  • Ronen Bekerman

    I love the materials very much, the exterior looks almost church like! though i love this very much i wonder if this is something i could dwell in.

    • Pedro

      Pronto vai à mer.da!

  • alex

    as for me it’s not a place where you can rest and grow children

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  • HowardG

    A bigger-than-usual fallout shelter – approaching monumental.

    Kitchen lights on in daytime – not!

  • Tony

    its awesome, reinforced concrete and timber, loved it !

  • qaA

    “appropriate” desing for these days talking about ecological issues

  • Andrew Geber

    simply brutal

  • Julia

    where comes Bekerman whit his stup*d remarks.
    Dwell your as*.

  • Jon

    That´s it.
    Bekerman, go f*ck your self

  • majchers

    No need for this sort of language guys.

    • Jon

      You´re rigth, is just that Bekie drives me crazy

  • Julia

    I believe we should express our ideas without restriction or censorship.

    • Squidly

      insults aren’t ideas. they are ignorance falling out a hole.

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