Bargellino Plug & Play Winning Proposal / Ciclostile Architettura

  • 27 Dec 2012
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The Bargellino Plug & Play proposal for the urban regeneration of the Bargellino area acts as a set of management software from which the user can draw upon and benefit from an integrated system of logistics, service and quality. Designed by Ciclostile Architettura, the expression “plug and play” is used in programming language with reference to technologies that can be put into use in an hardware system without any specific installation procedure by the user. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Ciclostile Architettura

Bargellino appears as an hardware system, characterized by a very particular territorial and strategic condition, being part of the ’s Aerotropolis. Bargellino’s users are people who, logging into its area even if just for a short period, decide to live or work in its system. So a shared requalification process starts and every actor or user can choose his level of participation within the overall strategy defined.

Courtesy of Ciclostile Architettura

The contest’s main aim is the definition of a hypothesis of arrangement of the territorial quadrant of Bargellino, borrowed by the conditionings and the chances come by the closeness of the airport and the contiguity with the main systems of transport, but also from the special and favorable position of the productive ambit in relation to the county town.

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The competition is also directed towards receive indications and planning points fitted to identify the priority interventions to be carried out briefly:

- improving the mobility through a traffic arrangement revision;|
- improving accessibility from the external viability resolving its critic hubs;
- allowing territory’s checks fitted to increase urban security;
- increasing and establishing the internal urban polarities, like SFM station and many service centers.
- identifying existing urban aggregations in order to subject urgently to unitary transformation;
- assuming the revision of the town planning tools concerning functions, uses and dynamics fitted to increase the appeal of the urban system.

Architects: Ciclostile Architettura / Giacomo Beccari, Gaia Calamosca, Alessandro Miti
Location: Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy
Team: Alberto Giancani, Laura Solmi, Marco Reggiani
Client: Municipality | Calderara di Reno
Status: Competition winners + preliminary design
Type: Urban design
Size: 900,000 m2
Year: 2012

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