Bridge From Recycled Grids / Aristide Antonas

courtesy of Aristide Antonas
courtesy of

Once again, our friend Architect Aristide Antonas surprises us with a wonderful project, this time in London. The design is really interesting but also the way he work the infographics, all in black and with, very sober and austere.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did looking at the project and understanding it!

courtesy of Aristide Antonas
courtesy of Aristide Antonas

The new construction for the city is constituted by recycled grid surfaces. Most of them can be provided by the city’s equipment; the same suppliers that produce the London Underground grids of the city are called to produce some new pieces while some other existing grids are recycled. The structure is organized by frames that can receive and support common grid surfaces. Many of the places provided by the proposal are open-air places and semi-opened ones. The horizontal surfaces and some vertical ones are closed by a “second” glass layer if this is needed. An open air market (conceived as a continuation of the premier food market in London, Borough Market, located very close to the ), including except its market spots, restaurants and coffee shops, as the Borough Market itself, is proposed for the level of the ’s deck . Expanded to the upper floors we find gallery spaces, projection rooms and multiple show rooms. Some offices can also be organized in some parts of the building. The pier is also designed as a grid structure.

The project is not composed as a finished organized form but as a possibility of creating different forms produced through an elaborated system of supporting frames. The bridge can be partially mantled and dismantled in different ways depending to the program it is supposed to cover. The proposition provides a system of mantling the frames and a modal way of filling the empty places with recycled material or trivial grids from the London Underground.

courtesy of Aristide Antonas
courtesy of Aristide Antonas
courtesy of Aristide Antonas
courtesy of Aristide Antonas


Two lines of metal frames are dividing the bridge in three long zones and serve as the main supporting structures of the new construction. New intense perspective views are introduced through this longitudinal division. The light construction that creates the floors permits possible settings for enclosed or open air space strategies depending to every possible different proposition strategy. Parts of the bridge’s deck can also be displayed in different levels in order to form separate space entities.

Design: Aristide Antonas
Collaborator: Katerina Koutsogianni

Cite: Baraona Pohl, Ethel. "Bridge From Recycled Grids / Aristide Antonas" 04 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • farflung

    now grow tomatoes all over it and i’m sold :)

  • arch critic


  • William Bell

    Is there something wrong with my lcd? Why is everything b&w?

  • elver


  • Anne

    This looks like a stylized Constant Nieuwenhuys. The graphics are incredibly seductive, and the design looks great.

  • Wyatt O’Day

    Wow! A very impressive display of rendering by using photoshop and some simple sketching. Extrememly amazing images, and helps the design come to life in a very different way than we are used to. The concept and design intent is supurb as well. Great work.

  • Tex

    Are these “grids” something like grates?

  • HowardG

    London for about 6-7 months of a year is grey, oppressive, miserable and depressing; that’s first hand experience. this bridge enforces that perception.

    Public infrastructure needs to be uplifting and energising if possible, not least functional yet also enjoyable in its minimal terms of reference.

    This idea unfortunately is none of the above. The bridge is a eyesore, probably would not cope with high winds which blow up the Thames with its profile way too blunt, grossly obstructing one of the most interesting, historical land and riverscapes in the world.

    • Lawrence

      Some very valid points there!

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  • sayinath m

    Beautiful ..inspired about the design…

  • sayinath m

    so beautiful and inspired the design….