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The Re: Vision Dallas competition named three winners, two of which we previously featured on AD (DB + P and Atelier Data + Moov).  The third winner is Little, a studio based in North Carolina, with their proposal. “ combines heavy duty technological prowess with artistic integration of systems. The building is designed as a holistic, integrated design…The entry materials was incredibly impressive… Each unit type was designed, completed with suggested sale price and amount of energy consumption. A wide array of green collar job programs were provided that work with the design of the building to engage residents and educate visitors. All of the jurors were struck by the thorough and joyous submission of ,” explained juror Eric Corey Freed.

More about the project (including a great video) after the break.

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Entangled Bank is a series of complex networks connecting various elements in the community. Similar to how “a natural bank itself is meant to sustain and offer every opportunity for its constituents to succeed”, the same notion can be related to the social landscape of Dallas.  “This project offers the opportunity to develop a network that supports those that flourish…but also rehabilitates those that have withered,” explained the architects.


The project utilizes innovative sustainable strategies to improve the natural environment.  The south facing solar facade is seamlessly woven together with vertical wind turbines and an onsite biogas plant. The tower is on the south side to be self shading to the courtyard below, and sculpted by the angles of the sun. The east face of the tower is a folded plate living wall, incorporating the units for maximum day-lighting control, not revenue. 


Yet, the architects went a step further and began to wonder if “perhaps this project will seek to sustain what might be our richest and most influential resource…the human. All too often we focus on hanging the effect without reviewing the cause.”  Inspired by the entangle bank metaphor, the project developed into a space that will ”fertilize” an old parking lot in the hopes that dormant seeds of retail, commercial, residential and social equality if given water, in the form of education and teaching, and sunlight, represented in the sustainable movement of nature and man, can encourage this bank to flourish and grow beyond its original footprint.”  In doing so, the proposal hopes to transform the city block into not just a newer city or country, but eventually create “a world that can sustain itself and also rehabilitate and support the people that are a part of that network.”







Charlotte, Noth Carolina

Team Members:
Bradley Bartholomew
Ashley Spink
Stacy Franz
Kevin Franz
Kumar Karadi
Don Breemes
Coby Watts
Chad Lukenbaugh
Jason Bizzaro
Ryan Davis
Philippe Bouyer
Bo Sun

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "reVision Dallas / Entangled Bank" 30 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • alm

    Hasn’t Morphosis already done this?

  • mart

    wow. stunning visuals. ok, so i’m a sweet-render junky. so what?

  • thiago

    amazing video! really great congratulations!

  • Balkan

    Very good project.

  • Hypotesis

    Morphosis gone green… This is an exact ripoff… Nice renders though…

  • Kelly

    WOW…very very nice. The video is amazing! Very good dialogue and a great concept was really verbalized nicely. I can see how this is a winning entry

  • PanamArq

    gets my award for the cheesiest video of the year

  • Samier Van Truong

    This is utterly. Anyone who lives in Dallas knows how hot and dry it is. The amount of water that’s going to be needed to keep this building “green” totally offset if not over-compensate the carbon footprint it tries to project.

    • Samier Van Truong

      utterly absurd.

      • YO SIZA

        maybe the gray water retention might have something to do with keeping it green…unless you’d like to drink it?

    • Brazos

      Dallas is actually very humid.

  • archijunky

    There is no way they manage to fit 500 units and maintain 100% off the grid with that proposal. The competition clearly states this building is to have high density and affordable, and this scheme probably has 200 units at most. The renderings are fine and the video is a good PR tool, but I can assure you in the end this is going to be a high-end condo in order for the number to work. So much for CDC’s claim of affordable housing.

    • Sahagún

      totally agree with your comments.

  • zga

    Who cares if it is a ripoff; it is a great idea, and perhaps a catalyst for change.

  • madvillan

    is it funny to anyone that this residential tower project is called “Entangled Bank?!?!” i think its very poor choice for a title and if i were a juror it would have turned me off instantly…it reminds me that we’re in the middle of a recession due to (entangled) banks mismanagement of mortgage backed securities and that this project makes a million luxurious promises.

  • Daniel dos Santos

    Este projecto faz-me lembrar os BIG. Cada vez mais está na moda o uso de coberturas e fachadas ajardinadas, um pequeno mas louvável contributo para o combate aos micro climas dos aglomerados urbanos.

  • CEH

    can any one offer some info on what rendering software was used?
    many thanks.

  • Moarq

    si que programa uso ..?

  • zga

    it looks like vray, which is a plugin for 3dsmax and rhino

  • Jon

    i think that this particular project is … dare I say it…
    Good Design !!!
    A real thumbs up !!
    To see an architect and Developer in the Dallas area finally thinking about Urban space and vertical mass, versus the same old plop suburban trash is a step in the right direction.

  • pero

    amazing project, think it’s v-ray plugin added to the renders

  • Yuli

    it’s so De Young – Golden Gate Park…

  • fh

    They say they will have wind turbines and PVs. Where are they in the render?

    In reality wind turbines are huge and ugly and PVs take up a huge amount of space. It would change the look of the building immensely.

  • john

    what dumb comments…….. every single project, what rendering engine? over and over and over, obviously none of you are real architects. many firms get other companies to do the renderings, not the architects themselves

  • Metty

    Well, this might qualify as the stupidest question of the day, but does anybody know the name of the song? I’ve heard it a long time ago and it’s been obsessing me ever since. As for the other comments, first of all the term Entangled Bank has nothing to do with economy – it’s actually a term used in biology referring to the definitive laws of nature that govern the interactions between the species (Darwin and J.B.Hagel have debated this subject in their works). So, don’t be so quick to judge. Secondly, a green building is supposed to sustain itself – meaning it produces part of the energy, water etc. it needs to function – so Samier Van Truong, try not to worry. In the end, please excuse me for my bad English, since it’s not my native tongue.

    • madvillan

      im gonna be super quick to judge and now that you’ve pointed out that they just grafted a title from a darwin text. by creating a linkage between their project and a respected peice of scientific research they’ve put themselves on the chopping block by allowing a comparison between some development in dallas texas and a text written by the founding father of modern evloutionary theory. its a building not a profound discovery.

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  • Sahagún

    Not impressed neither by the renderings nor the architecture. The design looks way over budget base on the program requirement. I don’t think this design will work in the economic and architecture layout stand point; single load tower just doesn’t fly especially with restricted budget. Juries qualifications maybe questionable…

    ***Competition results are not matching program requirement.

  • JP from Dallas

    Is this a joke….? Can Dallas weather support such lush vegetation especially with the water restriction? If this is built, the developer will be responsible for causing water scarcity in the neighborhood.

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