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  • 07 Nov 2012
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As highly destructive storms are becoming increasingly likely – take note from the recent Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the Atlantic Coast – [Y/N] Studio proposes a look at our response to disaster and its potential to increase community cohesion and urban regeneration.  Sustainable design has rightfully become an essential consideration of design, but natural disasters remind us that resistant design, sometimes at odds with our sustainable goals, also have a place in the discussion.  Disaster Ready housing offers an architectural scenario of precautionary measures offering protection for many types of threats.

© [Y/N] Studio
“What defines city living for an up‐market, but paranoid generation bombarded by iconic images of disaster? Inspired by American studies where, post 9/11, 80% of adults said that they had an “increased appreciation for their families” while others suddenly had the urge for intimate physical contact…” says [Y/N] Studio.

© [Y/N] Studio
Disaster Ready : A “Holy” protective mesh surrounds mixed clusters of luxury and key worker apartments as a hierarchy of shutters open and close in response to the ever-changing UK terror threat. Carefully choreographed shared facilities provide the backdrop for staged re‐enactments preparing residents for statistically unlikely disasters, lucky escapes or heroic failures. Whilst an undulating landscape of antibacterial gardens fortifies their immune system in fear of dirty bombs.

© [Y/N] Studio
Architects: [Y/N] StudioAlex Smith
Location: Westminster, London, UK, 2025,
Size: 15,000m2
Client: None
Status: Speculative Research
Date: 2009


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  • The_Arch

    This project seems highly inaccurate and contradictory in many ways. While on one hand they document 60,000 UK workers prepare for a terrorist attack they go on to say Japanese students prepare for earthquakes through school drills. A human initiated attack is far different from a natural event. We can develop society to be less terrorist prone, however we as of yet cannot fully protect from a natural event, prudence dictates that being prepared for a natural disaster is far more logical than a terrorist event.

    To state that we as a society react the same during a terrorist event is also a great over-estimate. Gated communities were on the rise well in advance of 9/11 and to generalize a gated community as being bad is also an over estimate when one considers other urban centres that historically always built gated communities.