Glass Balcony at Sears Tower

Our friends from Design Crave shared with us these amazing photos of the recently opened public balconies for public viewing. The 1.5″ thick floor (which resists up to 5 tons) offers amazing views over , from 1,353 feet in the air.

As you can see on a picture after the break, the balcony cantilevers from the main structure.

More images after the break.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Glass Balcony at Sears Tower" 02 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Palau

    it’ll be great to feel that vertigo

  • eqwew

    kids are fearless…

  • imagine

    how expressive it is…! Wish i were one of those children.

  • simon

    You wouldn’t catch me standing on the thing…………

  • fto

    too great and too Spectacular

  • fto

    I can not stand above

  • thiago

    there’s nothing in the world that can make me go there. sorry.
    great experience, but for me its really useless and crazy nonsense lol!

  • ag

    My God!

  • fit


  • amberX

    WOOW!my legs are shaking seeing it already !

  • Rupesh Jamkhindikar

    fish man…this is crazy….

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  • theDude

    You’d feel like Superman!

  • biboarchitect

    Love to move with my desk there… can stay on it for a while then!

  • riri_cuomo

    its looks like flying, if were in there room…

  • warren

    Jesus F****** Christ!

  • Jeison

    Get out of there, kid!

  • Nawyl

    Very nice landscape ^^

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  • BAJ


  • Matt

    Too bad the experience at the sears tower is awful

    • aw

      that’s been redone too.

  • Otis

    too scary!

  • Quan

    may be it’d make a bad habit to the kids, and another time ……… not at that building

  • Quan

    why did they take shots with kids?? wanna show something??

  • aldo


  • amb

    apparently it’s only cantilevering about 1m…It only gets really impressive if you can feel a bit of distance from the building I think…not being half inside/half outside.

    That’s probably the reason why they only show pictures of kids; maybe it’s only impressive on their scale.

  • INawe

    for those who want to see other photos (and not with kids) lol:

    btw, pretty awesome. i can’t wait to go and jump up and down on that glass floor like an imbecile.

  • riza

    looks somehow scary and amazing at the same time

    i am asking myself how it would be to build a highrise building with glas floors