Anglesea House / Andrew Maynard Architects

For Andrew Maynard Architects‘ latest design, a holiday home in Anglesea VIC, the clients’ requirement was simple: more space for their growing and aging family.   With the need of the client always in mind, set out to create a multi-generational vacation home whose “versatility…allows it to be inhabited simultaneously by all members of the extended family…The design is rigorously addressed at different scales, allowing there to be a certain level of connection and interaction throughout while also providing smaller zones where solace can be found.”

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The design response to the home was a series of “finely-crafted multi-functional timber boxes” nestled around the existing house.  The design allows the users to take advantage of the surroundings by having the form open to the outdoors.  This set up allows extensive physical and visual interaction between the two environments.

“Throughout the day, the timber allows the additions to have an appearance that is harmonious with its surroundings, whilst at night the internal lights amplify the bold colour scheme, giving the structure an almost synthetic and rendered image,” explained the architects.

A new trafficable roof extends the top floor living spaces out into the treetops in an attempt to connect the house with the site.  Below the roof, the continues downward to create a deck for the first level.  Parts of the structure are carved out creating  “a multi-dimensioned element” that provides shelter as well as habitable areas for the children to play.


A “Northern box addition” allows winter sun to penetrate deep within the home’s interior, warming the concrete slab provided for thermal mass.  Bright color finishes at the ground level enliven the interior to create a “playful, leisurely and carefree characteristic that such a house should embody.”

Elements strive to perform a variety of functions as a bed serves as a recreational seat, a play platform for children, an access point out to the trampoline, a storage space & (when the large black curtain is extended dividing the area) a private bed.  ”This multiplicity in function, allows the spaces to have increased versatility, and allows the plan to respond to many different demands simultaneously reducing the overall footprint of the design.”

All images courtesy of the studio.  For the complete set of images visit Andrew Maynard Architects’ official site for the project.

Cite: "Anglesea House / Andrew Maynard Architects" 02 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    Thought the area looked familiar – it’s from the Aussie bush! Love the building as well as the surroundings.

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