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The design for the new Planning Museum by 10 Design in Dalian, China is envisioned to become a new civic sculpture at the heart of the city’s main governmental district.  The building is part of the first steps made by the Planning Bureau to promote landmark architecture in Dalian with an additional seven municipal civil projects, including a library, scientific center, urban planning exhibition, museum, and teenage activity center.  The Planning Building will serve as a modern, first-class venue for offices and exhibitions, and more importantly, an addition of cultural engagement for the public within the city.  The museum is also designed to be an example of technological innovation and sustainable practices.

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Courtesy of 10 Design

Project Description from the Architect:

The form of the building takes inspiration from the nautical influences and seeks to become a symbol of technological progress and green evolution. The building uses a photocatalytic nano-coating of Titanium Dioxide on the outer zinc rain screen to neutralize air pollution and remove dirt. The cleansing reaction is maintained 24 hours a day by using UV lights on the façade at night which are powered by PV cells. 

Courtesy of 10 Design

The lighting scheme will be symbolic of a blooming flower- the main golden glow facing west towards the government buildings and the CBD. The inner aluminum façade layer uses a polymer coating that increases insulation values by 10-20 percent, and provides marine and fungal resistance. These nano-coatings are really nothing more than simple paints and will provide dramatic performance with minimal cost. The use of the self-cleaning nano-coating on the façade will keep the skin clean of all dirt and organic stains for years without any maintenance. The building also minimizes east west facades and pulls all entries away from the northern winds to maximize passive solar ideas. The government hopes the project will inspire green ideas and further sustainable design in the city.

Courtesy of 10 Design

Architects: 10 Design
Location: Dalian, China
IO’s design team: Ted Givens, Adrian Yau, Peby Pratama, Audrey Ma, Ewa Koter
Site area: 1.1 ha
GFA: 35,000 sq m
Building Height: 28 m
Nos of Floors: 6F above ground, 2F below ground
Function: Exhibition, Office & Conference

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