El Bosque Norte Building / Murtinho + Raby Arquitectos

Architects: Murtinho+Raby Arquitectos – Pedro Murtinho L., Ricardo Contreras A. (1946-2007), Santiago Raby P.
Location: Las Condes, Santiago,
Associate Architect: Harken Jensen Arquitecto
Collaborators: Tomás Gallo, Felipe Ducci, Nancy Puebla
Structural Engineer: Alfonso Larraín
Contractor: Ingevec
Technical Inspection: Decón
Programme: Offices & Retail stores
Client: Inmobiliaria Numancia
Constructed Area: 13.400 sqm
Project year: 2007
Construction year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Pedro Mutis Johnson

This building is located on a corner of El Bosque Avenue, within Las Condes Local Authority in Metropolitan Santiago, Chile. The neighbourhood has been increasingly the community’s office centre with several leading office buildings projects.

Within this urban context, and the specific NW orientation of the site, we met the challenge with a a simple and austere volume treatment of its building materials, mellowed by a special façade strategy, that uses vertical glass wall lining, -a bioclimatic strategy employed to isolate the inner spaces from UV rays-, and creating at the same time, a blurred effect on its boundaries, in the manner of an enchased jewel.

The building has 15 stories of open floor plan; completely built in without any overlay or special colour treatment, intended to achieve a pure and honest clear volume where the focus of attention will be the vertical glass wall lining movement and the signalling access awning. All the building materials are honestly expressed to convey an elegant formal language. We identify two design attributes which create the final identity of the project:

  1. The special vertical glass wall lining acting as an UV filter, contributes to isolate the inner space. This design strategy reduces air conditioning up to an average of near 30%. These vertical glasses are placed against the concrete awning creating a vertical and horizontal rhythm, which identify the form of this office building.
  2. The first two floors of the building have a commercial programme spanning the corner and creating a hierarchy expressed by the concrete awning on the corner perimeter, emphasizing the relationship between pedestrians and architectural form. The main characteristic of this concrete awning are its tilted columns sequence which answer to a structural necessity. As a result, the pedestrian gallery suggests the complete magnitude of a 15 stories building and it gives an expressive solution to an urban corner situation.

The building was conceived within an inquiry to provide a new sustainable and economical solution at the competitive real estate market, avoiding the typical curtain wall option as the only one possibility to design the building façades.

Cite: "El Bosque Norte Building / Murtinho + Raby Arquitectos" 20 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=23923>
  • http://www.creativolabuenavida.tk daiber

    I don’t like it.
    I’ve been there in there is absolutly nothing special about, not in the formal aspect nor any other aspect.

    It’s just another comercial building in the area with no real interest to give something for real to the city, and just helps to increase de stratification of the city.

    shit of a project in my opinion

  • ChrisS WebeR

    LOL… first thing that came into mind was Louis Sullivan Guaranty Building, (Buffalo, N.Y.)

  • http://www.talkitect.com Lucas Gray

    Nice concept – expressing the materiality is fantastic as is the attention to environmental conditions with the vertical glass fins.

    Keeping the form simple and then exploring materiality and tectonics is what architecture is all about!

  • roadkill

    interesting but when i look at the typical floor plate it does not look as the most effective way of splinting it.would be nice to have interior views of the office space, i think that all those glass fins may create a lot of indirect reflections, also don’t quite get why the external envelope is not properly insulated with some very apparent cold bridges.

  • imagine

    not interesting anything at all…i think so

  • Modernaux

    Yes, it does seem Louis Sullivan inspired.

  • wartian

    the building might be Louis Sullivan inspired one, but it works in contemporary way. Maybe the Murtinho+Raby Arquitectos is the first firm that reconnect and rethink about Louis Sullivan building.

  • lee changho