Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela

  • 01:00 - 12 June, 2008
Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela
  • Architects

  • Location

    Leyda, San Antonio, Valparaíso Region, Chile
  • Architect

    Cristobal Valenzuela Haeussler
  • Collaborator

    Angela Delorenzo Arancibia
  • Structural Engineer

    Manuel José Ruiz
  • Contractor

    Cristobal Valenzuela Haeussler
  • Budget

    US $660 / sqm
  • Site Area

    20000 sqm
  • Area

    210.0 sqm
  • Project Year


Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela Las Palmas de Leyda Spa / Cristobal Valenzuela +37

We asked ourselves, in which way could we design an interior space, that remains completely open to the exterior that surrounds it, visually. Opening some views that the main country house didn't seized. Mainly that the project atmosphere, was to be inside and outside at the same time.

Based on these idea, we were interested in the way, that the "ramadas" (structure built for independence feasts), used eucalyptus branches, creating a skin, which constantly registers daylight, changing the perception from the interior space. Used in the project, this skin, at the same time filters daylight and gives some privacy to the project that is covered mostly by glass, as this wooden skin doesn't let the interior to be seen from the out side, but permits full visibility from the inside to the exterior space. At the same time we took the circulation system concept from old Chilean country houses. An open corridor, that in this case connects the program in a perimetral way. Other materials, like steel for the structure, and reinforced concrete for the barbecue and fireplace, where used too.

The project is organized through the barbecue area, main space, where most of the activity takes place. Other areas like the pool, hot tub and fire place, are connected to the main space, allowing several different ambiences, all of them visually connected. All these areas wrapped as one big space, by the wooden skin, made up from 1x3 inches Ulmo wood planks, gives the interior-exterior feeling that we wanted to achieve. The gym, massage room, and steam bath, are connected with the rest of the program, but where conceived as much more private spaces.

The project is located in a high plane in the 2 ha garden, so it would overlook the valley, and the fruit trees plantation, adding this last area to the garden.

So we built a ventilate space, covered by a wooden skin, that during a very hot chilean summer, it's a cool shaded place, and during cold winters, it's a warm interior, completely connected with the garden and the Leyda valley views.

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