ROC Mondriaan Laak II / LIAG

© Vulkers Fotografie

Architects: LIAG
Address: Den Haag,
Client: NS Poort Ontwikkeling
Scope: Approx. 11,000 sqm
Completion: 2011
Team: Erik Schotte, Carina Norregaard, Maja Frackowiak, Peter Donkers, Martin Pasman, Arie Aalbers and Hong Siem
Photographs: Vulkers Fotografie


© Vulkers Fotografie

The new building is situated on a narrow plot, perched between the busy railway lines at The Hague HS Station and the Waldorpstraat. The position, close to the public transport node is an excellent strategic choice: the school campus that is formed here in conjunction with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the student and entry level housing and the resulting social life, is directly connected to all forms of (public) transport and is situated in the middle of the city.

© Vulkers Fotografie

The building forms a powerful and colourful (a la Mondriaan) completion of the Leeghwaterplein. Seen from the train, it serves as a calling card for ROC Mondriaan. The building has a grid shaped concrete façade decorated in the ROC colours. The effect in combination with the windows results in a strong whole. An arcade follows the pedestrian route from the train station to the housing complexes and Megastores shopping mall. Large glass areas along the arcade provide a glimpse into the school, which serves to combine transparency and a display window for vocational training with increased public safety.

© Vulkers Fotografie

The building’s is designed with a floor plan based on a framework, to facilitate future conversion into offices. By choosing spans without columns, from the façade to the cores, the layout of the school is adaptable for future schooling insights.
The building has two main volumes each with its own core and all support functions. This means that the complex could in the future be leased as two individual office building sections.

© Vulkers Fotografie

The entirely prefabricated building was manufactured in Germany. The squares on the grid shaped concrete facade feature the school’s colours. Together with the “random” pattern of coloured panels and windows, the repetition of the exterior concrete elements creates a look without scale and a powerful whole.

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  • Ornament and Crime


    It’s like a poor man’s Steven Holl or a Laminex showroom.

  • Andrew A. Shenouda

    The facade looks like Steven Holl buildings.

  • Tom Peeters

    well, i like the excessive use of color.

  • Jon Scherptong

    I live very close to this building. Too close. I’ve seen the whole construction process and hoped at some point it would start looking good. It didn’t.

  • H-J

    Why don’t they respect Mondriaan’s colour palette? It’s an outrage…

  • nga ngoc

    First look, I see Holl’s architecture.
    I like powerful colour!

  • Munter Roe

    Looks at the amount of chemtrails in the sky.

    • Tom Peeters

      those are clouds, chemtrails are a myth btw.

  • Paul Harding, FAIA

    It looks like a slightly modified version of Steven Holl’s dormitory at MIT. At least add Mr. Holl to the project team.

  • Richard Peck

    Interior more convincing than exterior, regarding Mondrian

  • Als

    I must ask: why did the architects do this? It’s certainly a copy-paste of Holl but was it an accident?

    • Als

      Now I started to like it, but it’s still Holl.

      • Als again

        Sorry for disturbing but it could also be seen as a paraphrase to Holl (because it has totally different feeling)

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  • architect

    holl wasn’t original for deep window with primary colors. obviously holl has been a big fan of corbusier and hisUnité d’Habitation and ronchamp with colored aperture.