Gdańsk Historic Heritage Center / Mariusz Piesik + Kuba Szymański

Courtesy of + Kuba Szymański

Gdańsk Historic Heritage Center, designed by Mariusz Piesik and Kuba Szymański, is meant to be a multifunctional building and a part of targ sienny / targ rakowy complex – a new project in the very center of Gdańsk, Poland. The building’s main purpose is to host an exhibition of a large scale model of a pre-World War II center of the city and mark the starting point of tourist excursions around it’s streets. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Mariusz Piesik + Kuba Szymański

The idea of our proposition is to join the exhibition of the model with panoramic views over the town that open from the project localization. The form of serpentine platforms allows to experience the multi-level comparison between model and actual, present â day town. Tourist information, cafeteria, souvenirs shop and public toilets are located on the ground floor, model on second floor, offices on first and top floors and exhibition gallery all along the platforms.

Courtesy of Mariusz Piesik + Kuba Szymański

The underground level is an easily adjustable space, which can be rearranged into different size conference rooms or a small experimental / alternative theatre, according to present need. Another important feature of the project is an open courtyard, thus preserving old trees along Radunia cannal.

Project Team: Mariusz Piesik and Kuba Szymański
Location: Gdańsk, Poland
Status: Competition Entry
Year: 2012

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