Elevated Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong / Urbanplunger

Courtesy of Urbanplunger

The young architectural studio Urbanplunger was recently awarded third prize in the international competition to design a Night Club Hotel in the dense city of . Their proposal consists of a uniquely suspended building structure described as an “architectural parasite” that leans on neighboring buildings in order to elevate itself above ground. Read on for more.

Courtesy of Urbanplunger

Lifting the building above the street level allows for a green square beneath the building that increases the area of the existing recreation zone. Suspended elevators provide public direct access to the buildings amenities, serving as the primary infrastructure linking the building to the ground.

Section - Courtesy of Urbanplunger

The amenities are organized throughout the building in three parts. The lowest part of the building consists of the nightclubs, while the midlevel’s offers the public programs for both business and pleasure. The midsection is comprised of a business center, retail space, restaurant and a spa center with a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, along with the lobby and security access for the hotel.

Courtesy of Urbanplunger

The upper portion of the building is dedicated to the hotel. As all the floor slabs consist of the same depth and size, the structure tapers inwards towards the top to allow for balconies for the single and double rooms, and terraces in the suites, aerial villas and the presidential suite.

Scheme - Courtesy of Urbanplunger

Architects: Urbanplunger
Location: Hong Kong,
Area: 20,000 square meters
Competition date: 2011
Competition scale: International competition
Place in the competition: 3rd prize
Design team: Eugene Liashuk, Tatiana Keskevich, Alexsandr Kuzmianchuk

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Elevated Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong / Urbanplunger" 22 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=210547>
  • nas


  • Robb

    Software Architecture.


    Pretty sweet, but I can’t help but worry about the egress in something like that.

  • Dr Spaz

    Cant you see the lights that beam you up and down, that is the egress.

  • rayan labib

    what a great idea …. so that will not consume much needed ground….

  • calvin

    silly but wishful thinking.
    also, I believe that “saved” micro-plot of land isn’t used to its full potential.

  • Dylan

    What about fire exits for the nightclub lower floors? But that woudn’t be aesthetic would it.
    And it seems like a whole lot of trouble to just save some space on the street. I’m sure what’s proposed is not the only solution, but then changing it would ruin the concept..

  • AR being

    seems like a great idea, but thinking of it practically how can the building lean on the neighboring buildings, – will they allow it ?

  • Josh

    I like it. Would love to see it get built, but i doubt it will this century.

  • Constantin Eugen Cozma

    Its a concept. And its quite original. This is what matters. Architecture should be visionary and learn from industrial design. I prefer a crazy idea instead of not having any idea at all