Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan

Once again, Iwan Baan amaze us with this great project between the woods by Spanish practice Selgas Cano: Their own architecture office.

You can see the complete photoset after the break.

Cite: "Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan" 30 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    A lot of comments. Design which unlocks a lot of discussions is good.
    I say WOW!

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    The office is simply awesome. I’d just love to work there.

    With such an awesome setting outside the office, I just hope the interior-exterior relationship does not stop just visually. Natural ventilation here might be brilliant, however I might be totally wrong if the climate of the place is a bit too harsh at times…

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    I really like it when people start discussing and adding value to this conversations.

    Excellent project.

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      Could you tell us a reason to say that? we all love to critisice the others, but without any motive?.. that’s bad!

      you could for example have started saying: architecture FOR ME is… and “this is not architecture” BECAUSE…

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    To some previous comments
    - the context of the buildnig is easily visible – trees, bushes etc.. NATURE.
    - this is architecture – see the definition of word ARCHITECTURE.
    - if somebody farted there – there is openable section at the end of the building for vent – put the glasses on.
    - “the architect owes the inhabitants of his or her creation some consideration” – I assume that you think that the architect was not talking to inhabitants, just did whatever he wanted – probably yuo are NOT AN ARCHITECT and do not know how the process looks like.

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    I suppose architects have wildly different needs from programmers, since I can’t imagine concentrating in that setting. Having said that, I like how it looks.

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    very cool pictures indeed but unfortunately another unsustainable building which with its oversized single glazed skin must get everyone go home after 3pm in winter or have gas bills through the roof.
    The ceiling is definitely too low and there must be some ventilation issues.
    Good try.

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    Looks like it would be a nice place to spend the occasional afternoon, but the whole futuristic clean white looks kind of out of place in the woods. I wonder if this is a park or if it actually is “out in the woods. It looks very nice but when I imagine myself in there it might not actually be so good. I would guess it is probably rented and used occasionally, not on a daily basis. Thus, while not practical for everyday use it would be nice maybe once a month to get out of the cubicle and sit in the woods and work. Also, “Nice try”? It’s obviously not a “try” because it actually got built. Oh, and do those cables at the ends suspend it above the ground or what?

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    I would’nt mind working there. It’s nice and it definitely stands out in that kind of environment.

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    great interior sight of the nature~
    i like it ,but what if i wanna open the window .the elevation seems not free for operation.
    a quite utopia project. cute, utopia is always cute.

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    amazing…also do well with surrounding, wanted studio like that ~~

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    Ok, so you’ve just wrapped up a great idea on the lap top while enjoying the flicker of sunshine grace the fine furnishings and suddenly Mr. bird flies by and leaves his mark right above your table. Oh well, ma be the client will be more kind. Cheers !

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    Love it. Very nice! Under gray skies and a thunderstorm, I wonder what the mood would be like: seeing the lightning flash, the darkness and the splitter splatter of rain on the glass. Under summer sun, things would heat up a bit and how about the snow fall but if it’s solar powered, then, and only then, will it be worth its’ weight in gold. Of course, someone could survive in a place like that, away from the man-made human/pig/avian/pig flu. I love the design and the intelligent planning that went into crafting such a place.

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    Looks like a great place to grow vegetables in winter. That is if you can afford to heat the place. It could mabe make money as a seasonal greenhouse and sauna too.

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    Cool spac, I guess the tight looking ceiling makes you feel part of the outside, only thing is that bright color, not sure if I’d like it in a couple of months…

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    It’s hard to describe this. Its an aesthetically pleasing structure, but is seemingly devoid ov any variation at all- quite monotonous in fact.

    Theres no way I think I could work there on a daily basis, perhaps if there was an earthquake and the main office was destroyed, this would make an adequate temporary office. (at a push)

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    There is no material response to its surroundings. Simply putting a plexiglass tube in the middle of the forest is a poor stylistic accomplishment. There have been far better constructions that have married the idea of the construction to the environment. This looks like some sort of alien pod dropped haphazardly from the sky into the forest. The fact that you can see the environment from your desk isn’t particularly a moving achievement in architecture. The building does more to isolate the user from the environment than anything else. Le Corbusier v Frank Lloyd Wright…FLR wins. This construction is poisonous.

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    my first impression: LOVED IT!
    2nd thought: still loved it, but I wonder what’s going to happen during the winter. is it well insulated? during the summer? it’d be great if we can see the plans and is this the whole office? is this an addition to an existing office?

    or did i fall in love with it because of the surrounding effect, the trees the leaves?

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    where are the drafting tables???
    it seems wrong to not have a drafting table in architecure office.

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    Looks ok but these modern buildings have practical appeal build into them but having everything white outside is not practical at all it would need constant cleaning especially since trees are hanging over it. Also I dont like the shape it could have been more creative and as other people have said it reminds you of a rat in a cage. I can see that place looking so grimy with pidgeon poop all over it in a year lol.

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    Though the building looks very chic, it appears very sterile and inflexible. Completely cut off from nature physically and in such a beautiful natural setting is a shame.
    You’d probably enjoy visiting it, but working there would be very depressing.
    I’d feel claustrophobic if I had to stay there for more than an hour.
    Pretty but alien.

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    I love it but if that office was here in the Rockies, you would be buried 5 months out of the year! You’d really have cabin fever.

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