Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan

Once again, Iwan Baan amaze us with this great project between the woods by Spanish practice Selgas Cano: Their own architecture office.

You can see the complete photoset after the break.

Cite: "Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan" 30 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • elbeto

    I’m sorry but that building is horrible!!!!!!!!!!

    It makes you feel like a rat in a test tube.

    Better luck next time.


    • Annw

      OMG I am so with you!!!!!

    • maryellen

      Better than the boxes I work in and very different..I guess I like it. Yes a sort of fishbowl but at least the scenery , is great , for most days,,,in a bad storm how does it rate???


      I have to agree. In the construction industry we call this an Architects wet-dream, hard to build, ugly as all get out and so weird, as to make the architect stand apart from others.

    • nicole spaz

      Sure it it open to nature and you are not stuck in a cube but the low ceilings make it seem very oppressive. the lack of pin up space would effect my way of working.

    • moonman

      i think it is a priviledge to work in a space with such a great surroundig.
      and i rather be a rat in the woods, than a rat in the office building!

    • keegan742k

      Of course we are all entitled to our opinion, but I think you are missing the atmosphere this building creates, the integration with the surrounding forest is essential in the design. From the photos I get the sensation of an alcove opening up to vast wilderness, rather than a test tube. I think this design is beautiful

    • Bruce

      Rats are known to think out of the box. I applaud the rats.

    • Bruce

      Rats are known to think out of the box. I applaud the rats. Creativity rules.

  • ed

    This is, the place where I would like to work.

    Great job!!

  • cocteau

    Amazing place, i love the low impact into the landscape, like a modern cave.
    very, very inspiring!

  • Shawn

    Sure is a nice thin profile… would love to see a more detailed section and a site plan if it’s they release it.
    I love how some architecture offices really push the boundaries in terms of workplace design, even if it is a littel experimental.

    Another project of this nature would be Renzo Piano’s building workshop. Lovely structural glass details that maximised views and layout flexibility but heat gain was quite high.

  • Samuel

    This is a nice project in terms of the exposure to the change of season, but It reminds me somewhat of being on a Train.

  • oliver

    Amazing! Like it very much.

  • Richie

    I love the way it’s sunken into and opened up to the landscape like that, but I find the interior finishes to the offices sort of cold and sterile looking.

  • archdork

    Clean and sleek but personally, I will probably freak out from time to time due to chlostophobia. It will be hilarious if this building floods. That’s a mega-disaster.

  • zga


  • thiago

    sorry but I hated it… I have nothing rational to say but I just can’t think of working on such a place… but the nature is great…

  • Ceno

    Since this building seems depend on the natural beauty, it should show how it looks in other seasons too.. Such as winter should be nice

  • joe

    I’d pay to be the janitor there.

  • Lukasz

    Very, very nice, I like it a lot. Good luck, proceed with next ones!

  • leaves

    nice place

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Outstanding photographs of a genuinely innovative project does make a potent combination.

    Honestly, I cannot say that I understand the claustrophobia comments. One wonders where everyone is working these days so that spaces open to the sky inspire these feelings. Perhaps there some confusion between agoraphobia and claustrophobia?

    My only question regards the curved glass. Is that glass or plex.? One shudders to think what plexiglass would look like after a season of exposure to the elements.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • julio

    Incredible space, so simple and full of light, I really loved the materials that they used in the design, I do believe for sure, that the truthfull architecture is the one without the typical architectural boundaries (as the complicated sections or programmatical layouts).

    cheers for this beautiful idea

  • felipe

    nice place, bad building

  • suckbleeper

    terrible terrible… just looking at these pictures is making me hate architecture and architects. good lord, at least let them have windows that open. this building is everything that is wrong with contemporary design- how we detail our buildings have consequences. this is little more than the realization of a half baked idea. baan does a nice job of trying to make it look like a good building, cheers to him.

    honestly, what would happen if somebody farted in there?

  • Bo Lucky

    It’s a good example for an enormous gap between longing of a human being to the nature and his fear of it. Air conditioned interior with artificial lighting in the middle of the ocean of fresh air and natural light. In such a beautiful setting a tent would be much better…

  • kixvix

    The ceiling’s too low for me. I feel a little suffocated just by looking at it. Great interiors though :)

  • Daniel Con

    wow! so inventive! I dont really like the design, but a very cool concept. all of that light must be murder on those brilliant new iMac screens

  • C.P.T.L.

    Every time one looks towards the windows he or she has to suffer glaring high-gloss yellow and lime green in half his or her view? That’s absurd, and to color-sensitive types, offensive. And it runs quite counter to the idea of imbebdding the room in nature.

    Reminds me of a job where a single selfish person rudely chose deep magenta for 50% of the wall and floor tiles, all the light fixtures and table tops, for a two hundred person cafeteria. It ruined the room and people were immediately disappointed, but the money was spent. Hundreds of people over the past fifteen years, and probably another fifteen or more, suffer it.

    The artistic, creative aspect of architecture is not equivalent to painting or sculpture; nobody has to buy your painting, but everyone required to use your room has to experience it; the architect owes the inhabitants of his or her creation some consideration.

  • David Basulto [tricky]

    CPTL… well, the final users of this office designed it, so i guess it´s not a disappointment for them.

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  • gonzalo

    love the setting, but imagine working there day in and day out. It feels so tight and compressed.

  • injunplanna

    When will people learn? no building survives in isolation. What is the context of this building?

  • fluxus

    Beautifully executed–though, where’s the can? I assume there are further facilities which aren’t featured, and that this is simply the workroom/flagship area for the office. However, what I find funny is the disregard of human interplay of people constantly having to walk past one another down what’s effectively a repurposed hallway. A tube of hard edges is going to drive staff up the wall with the reverberating conversations and footsteps. Not to mention that defined workspaces are inherently more productive because people cannot help but monitor one another’s activities; inciting resentment or other unrest. And what’s the ventilation? -One person passes-gas and it’s all over. I hate to say it, but it’s going to be claimed as a store-house or rec-room in a couple of years.

  • vstrif

    Did I miss the part about these being concept art? Because they are obviously (badly) composited fakes.

    • Tomas73