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  7. The Ramp house / Archivirus

The Ramp house / Archivirus

  • 01:00 - 26 April, 2009
The Ramp house / Archivirus
The Ramp house / Archivirus

The Ramp house / Archivirus The Ramp house / Archivirus The Ramp house / Archivirus The Ramp house / Archivirus +17

  • Architects

  • Location

    Athens, Greece
  • Architect

  • Design Team

    Athanasia Psaraki
  • Area

    80.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. Athanasia Psaraki shared with us this house for a skater in Athens. Take a look at this impressive interior work.

The ramp house is a project which tries to reconsider and redefine the living space. The client requested a "skatable habitat". The result was a curved form interior, which set the whole house as well as the inhabitant's life, into motion. In that space, which actually was a roof addition to an existing three- stored building, I tried first of all to achieve a balanced co-existence between the old and the new. The dominant material was the wood and so I used a wooden pergola and wooden horizontal louvers, which wrap up the whole new structure, ergo connecting the old with the new in a harmonious way. As a result the new volume obtained independence while still remaining an inseparable part of the whole.

The ‘skateboarding' element is adopted in every possible way. When the client asked me to design a home where she could be able to skate, I immediately eliminated the idea of just putting a mini ramp in the living room. For me, the challenge of this project was to make a living space where the ramp, the bowl and all the interpretations of those terms would actually become the building elements for this space. I wanted to make a ‘ramp house' and not a ‘house with a ramp'. So I started imagining a space where the straight line would become curved and the flat surface would become a ramp or a bowl. Playing with these forms and with the variable transitions which offer, my main goal was to create a functional open space where aspects of daily life would adopt ‘ the feeling of acceleration' which is basically one of the main characteristics of skateboarding.

Having these in mind, I designed a home where the living room becomes a mini ramp and turns into a bowl to create a partition with the bedroom and the bathroom. Basic house elements such as the fireplace and storage units are hidden inside the ramp forms. I also tried to combine the street aesthetics of the skate scene using concrete and the cozy atmosphere of a house using wood. So concrete walls mold into the floor and then concrete turns into wood to create a ramp partition with the kitchen. In that way, the whole space is in actual motion and somebody can flow from one space to the other, skating or walking.

Cite: "The Ramp house / Archivirus" 26 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Julia Alexandra S · August 11, 2012

When I would skate, I would go there!! SO COOL!

SeptianPrajnabhawika · May 26, 2012

kool :) via @archdaily

Sofia Maldonado · April 19, 2012
p'tit rambling matt · January 10, 2012

#archi #design #architecture

Ben Smith · November 22, 2011

@buzzbuzzhome @NormLiAGI yeah love that one... this was my original inspiration

Roxana Morris · September 03, 2011

Ramp House

Raymundo López · September 03, 2011

Ramp House

Gravedad Mexico · September 03, 2011

Ramp House

Ben Smith · July 20, 2011

@pfahrmann yeah, that&#39s wicked eh, would love to live there. This one is still my personal fave...

amanda lopez · July 19, 2011

for any skater fans out there. imagine ramps like this inside your home!

dmongan · July 15, 2011

@eyefivestyle ever see this one?

coyote bongwater · July 14, 2011

@Lator1 tenemos una parecida en @ArchDaily, check it out!

Ben Smith · July 13, 2011

@MacartneyTG thx, hadn&#39t seen that one, but love this one

LATAYA · April 05, 2011

the skater might hit his head, maybe the space could be a little bit higher.

Anima Textile Skate · January 05, 2011

The Ramp house / Archivirus | ArchDaily vía @archdaily

old school skate · January 05, 2011
sean · January 05, 2011

nice project,super gig !!!

Stacey Whatthehell · December 15, 2010

@Factorof23 Just showed me this. -->The Ramp house / Archivirus | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Elle Seven · December 09, 2010

Can&#39t get to the skate park? Build one in your house, like this one in Greece.

Stig Bratvold · August 16, 2010

skulle gjerne bodd i dette huset å skata hele dagen:)

Bruno Bianchini · July 24, 2010

@fernandoluigi então olha essa! :D

jon handel · July 19, 2010
Mel. White · July 15, 2010

A house designed for a skateboarder: (you can skate throughout it!)

James Desjardins · July 03, 2010

I think I&#39ve dreamt of this. The ramp house...

Jonathan Zana · July 02, 2010

If Your House Was a Skate Park

Gabriel Sehn Silva · May 16, 2010
Esse é para os meus amigos skatistas ou que curtem esportes radicais.

Pablo · March 30, 2010

really freaskater!!!!!

2EDGED MAGAZINE · March 22, 2010

House with indoors skate ramp in Greece. I hate this guy!

Celine · February 27, 2010
theChavacano · July 10, 2009

mh so what is the big deal about this?

sullka · May 05, 2009

I don't get it, what's the big deal?

Bam Margera, did that in his house for an episode of Viva La Bam, and he's faaaaaaaaaaaaar from being an architect.

If I'm not mistaken, Steve O's home showed on Mtv Cribs, was also like this.

So, why didn't the architecture crowd loved those 2 "pop culture" junkies "proposals", but does love this one?

Don't get me wrong, it looks ok, but why the big fuzz considering the above examples.

skaterdude · April 28, 2009

Sweet project but that must of cost a lot. Especially the wood.

ajl · April 27, 2009

i love the idea, but the photography leaves a lot to be desired...

rodney · April 27, 2009

I'd hate to see a loose board run through all that glass.
Furthermore, I agree with francis - just because you put a ramp in your living room doesn't mean that this project successfully integrates skating into the architecture.

GiannisM · April 27, 2009

????? ??????

francis · April 27, 2009

I don't mean to be derogatory but it's a skater's habitat or abode. Architecture is bigger than the sum of the words. The project has hardly began to stretch the envelope, literally.

RipBang · April 27, 2009



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