Genesis / David Adjaye

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates

London-based architect David Adjaye was selected for the 2011 Designer of the Year Award by Design Miami – a global forum for design that highlights influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world, presenting annual fairs in , USA and Basel, Switzerland. Design praised Adjaye for his “ingenious use of materials and unique ability to showcase light coupled with his democratized approach to the architectural process.”

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Courtesy of Adjaye Associates

In honor of his award, Design Miami commissioned Adjaye to design and present his first large-scale work of architectural furniture for the December Design Miami fair. The pavilion entitled Genesis created a “complete environment”, welcoming visitors into the fair.

Section - Courtesy of Adjaye Associates

Design Miami stated, “Adjaye’s use of architecture as a catalyst for generating community, his novel application of materials, and his diverse catalogue of projects that intersect architecture, design and art, complement Design Miami’s objective of creating a forum that advances the discourse surrounding experimental design while encouraging visitors to connect and exchange ideas within its venue.”

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates

Genesis is a triangular prism composed of hundreds of vertical wooden planks, formed by “carving out an oversized ovoid shape” from its center. The shape calmly transforms into an organic seating area while framing the sky and elements within the surrounding environment. Light flooded through the vertical slots, acting as a “dramatic light well.” The structure measured 10m x 10m x 10m x3.6m.

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