WikiHouse: Build Your Own House in 24 Hours

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Imagine taking your Google Sketchup creation for a house and having it milled out and assembled all within 24 hours.  WikiHouse, an Open Community project that puts you in the driver’s seat of design and construction has recently unleashed the opportunity for anyone to realize their own vision of architecture.


You can use your own design and enhance it with other components via the open online community. Once your design is completed, the model is used by WikiHouse to create drawings, which are ready to be CNC milled out of 18mm locally sourced . The pieces can be easily assembled with no power tools, with ribs spaced at 600mm and lateral stabilizers to ensure structural integrity.

The entire process requires no formal knowledge of construction and is extremely adaptable for your own personal customization.


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  • Dustin

    Welcome to the death of our profession.

    • David B.

      Don’t be afraid of new technology.
      Automation can’t bring an end to our creativity.

      • Ben

        Its not the technology that is scary. Advances in Technology are a great thing. but what is the point of being creative if there are no clients out there to work for – because they are too busy designing their own horrendous pile of danger. This undercuts the value of design.

    • Katsudon

      Well you still have transportation, refurbishment, health, institutional, educational, corporate, large scale residential, retail, leisure, hospitality… projects left available to your skills by this process. Chin up!

      • Jay

        Not that those will remain sacred forever…

  • Ben

    Yet another reason the field of architecture is poorly paid and has declining respect. A client doesn’t pay for the design, they are paying for am ARCHITECT’s vast experience and knowledge in building and design there of.
    But anyway, due to building codes all over the world it can never work as your average “hobby” designer will have almost no idea of their existence and thus probably kill themselves when their monstrosity falls on their head as “The entire process requires no formal knowledge of construction”…..scary.
    Whats next, wikisurgery.

  • hooty

    Moan, Moan, Architects.

    Have people not been building their own homes for thousands of years?

    Work harder. It’s not called WikiArchitect.
    There’s a good reason why the Architecture was the most affected profession during the GFC in Europe/UK. We’re completely dispensable. Did you not already know that?

    They might be able to design their own building, but there’s certainly no guarantees that it’s going to be as lovely, or beautiful as ours anyway!