Reforma 432 Residences / Rojkind Arquitectos


Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos / Michel Rojkind
Location: , Mexico
Project Direction and Coordination: Grupo Elipse
Interior Design: Buddha Bar Hotels & Spas
Renderings: Rojkind Arquitectos, dbox

This project on Reforma Avenue has achieved the best construction conditions for this type of building. By uniting several lots of land we have a single lot stretching fro Reforma Avenue, to Tokio Street, opening up the possibility of turning Manchester Street into a pedestrian walway, giving the side façade a singular urban quality. R432 is a project that fully embraces its urban condition. The building opens up to the street, and the street, fully guaranteeing safety, comfort and privacy enters into the building.

© Rojkind Arquitectos

Out of the 52 levels of R432, the ground floor is reserved for the access lobbies, leading to the different uses of the tower. There is a lobby for the residential area and a large space for general access to the commercial, hotel and office areas in direct relation to the mezzanine, where both formal receptions for the offices and hotel stand, as well as the elevators leading to them. Besides these important access spaces, the ground floor also houses a large commercial area that extends towards the pedestrian walkway created on Manchester St. ending in Tokyo St. Finally, in this important level, we find the vehicular entry and exit for the residential and office areas as well as the maintenance services of the tower just over Tokyo St.

© Rojkind Arquitectos

Above the mezzanine, there are two levels of commercial space destined for luxury shops and restaurants, offering their services to the residents of the tower, as well as to the general public.


Seven levels of office space with their own parking follow the commercial floors. Above level ten, we find the first four “technical” floors distributed throughout the building. These floors serve as structural reinforcement, as well as providing recreational areas for the residents, including a gym and a game room; they will also house the machine rooms.

© Rojkind Arquitectos

28 floors of residential space are distributed between level 11 and 40. The Spa can be found on level 41, providing service to the residents of the tower and the hotel guests. Finally, the tower is topped off by 11 floors resered for the Hotel, eight of which will house guest rooms, one will be a technical floor, another a full service floor and the last one a green terrace with a breathtaking view.


The basic unit measures 70 square meters and each unit has been designed to take maximum advantage of its unique space, views and the specific conditions. Units can be added to one another, in multiples of 60 square meters, to create bigger and more complex spaces.

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    MMMM no comprendo por donde ventilas las recamaras porque los veo muy mal distribuidos y sin ventilacion ni iluminacion natural.

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