Lillefjord Rest area & footbridge / Pushak

Architects: Pushak
Location: Lillefjord, Finnmark, Norway
Project Year: 2006
Client: Norwegian Road Administration, The National Tourist Road Project
Photographs: Pushak

The program for the road stop is benches, toilet, waste bin and a wind shed. It is also the start of a trail to a waterfall in the end of the wally. The path was originally on the parking side, with a run down crossing the river further up. The new was our proposal; it works as a sign towards the trail, while at the same time taking care of all the demanded functions. It is leading on to an older trail, crossing the soft, green carpet of vegetation in the midst of the river deltae.

By placing all the program in the bridge, the road stop installation is now a distinct object placed in the landscape. This felt appropriate for the rough and grand nature of the site, rather than small furniture placed around or in the ground.

The bridge is making a turn, leading to the trail. This also makes room for benches on top of it. On the bent side, the steel frame is made 3-dimensional because of the torsion-forces. The steel frame was prefabricated. Minimizing work on site is beneficial in this climate. Inside, where people is going to sit or lean, the bridge is clad with that will become gray.

Cite: "Lillefjord Rest area & footbridge / Pushak" 23 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    Where is the toilet? The design of the toilet is an important object that couldn’t seperate from this project

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    An enjoyable project for sure, I wish more rest stops had as much thought given to them [having this type of landscape readily accessible would be nice too]. I particularly enjoy the tying of the formal/material qualities of the project with the landscape; strata being pushed/pulled vertically. This one will be interesting to see how it weathers.

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    …I think… too much noise for nothing! …they need only a little bridge and a small toilet in a wonderful landscape!! …don’t be so complicate!

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