Villa T / Architrend Architecture

© Umberto Agnello

Architects: Architrend Architecture
Location: ,
Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Rosario Tomasi
Project area: 310 sqm
Project year: 2005-2007
Photographs: Umberto Agnello

© Umberto Agnello

The context is agricultural, a plateau with sandstone walls to divide the various portions of property. Once marked by the productive outposts of the “masserie”, farms with cultivated fields and cattle, today the Ibleo territory has changed its look. Instead of scattered farmhouses, isolated and divided by farmlands, construction has gradually filled spaces, erasing the network of isolated architectural complexes gathered around courtyards, like ‘pacific forts’. Nevertheless, the site of this project has partially conserved that precious idea of ‘isolation’, and the whole design comes to grips with this context, constructing a direct relationship with the landscape, faced openly on two sides, while emerging from it thanks to an eloquent contemporary design.

© Umberto Agnello

The program of the compositional process is that of a large single-family house, alone at the center of a meadow, bordered by the free, linear horizon of the plateau. Here, in the midst of the grassy terrain, treated as virgin land for construction, the architecture stands out clearly as a complete entity with definite limits. But its borders are not ‘introverted’, they are open to visual enjoyment of the outside world, through the creation of outdoor living spaces, rooms without walls that become parts of the overall solution.

section 01

The relationship with the context and the sequence of the three stacked floors relies on a sort of continuous architectural ribbon that reinterprets the flavor of the Mediterranean home, developing, bending to form rooms and the roof, outdoor zones raised from the meadow like platforms, porticos and overhangs, balconies and terraces. A solid facade clad in stone, to the north, is flanked by the harmonious antithesis of the southern and eastern facades, fully glazed and open to the greenery.

© Umberto Agnello

They reveal the two-storey height of the living area, with the mono-beam staircase leading to the first floor, containing a studio zone and a bedroom. The daytime area is joined to the kitchen, located in the lower volume, while the luminous living and dining area emphasizes the double height of the construction, with its large pitched roof. The master bedroom zone with bath and closet is located behind the living area. The sequence living-dining-kitchen encounters two outdoor spaces: on one side, facing the living room, a terrace at ground level connects to a recessed patio faced by the underground spaces, with two bedrooms and a den, shaded for cool comfort.

plan 02

Behind the kitchen, connected by a full-height glazing, an external portico is like a room without walls, open to the surrounding lawn. The white stucco and stone facings that wrap the forceful geometric design, highlighted by a red floor marker that interrupts the high corner glazing, the planes that combine, in a dynamic way, around the sloping roof, reveal the pursuit of a ‘possible Mediterranean style’ that pays attention to local history, but without copying, ready for experimentation with new possibilities.

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  • Andrew Muriga

    its a beautiful home, i think the architect did a good job on lighting.

  • 90-Grados


  • AxeTB

    Sweet lines from every angle. I think some bits (like the empty extension) could have been left out as they serve next to no purpose, except maybe in the architects’ minds.

    Anyways, a lovely example of modern, 2010-11 architecture.

  • FM

    Good example of modern contemporary architecture but TOTALLY inappropriate for the location. Ragusa may reach 45 centigrades in summer and the giant glazed elevations are a nonsense ! Also the villa hasn’t got any relationship with the existing rural contest, it’s striking with Ragusa architecture and history and look like an alien landed in the wrong place !!
    Where is he swimming pool ?

  • LSJ

    Very good!I like it……I think it did a good job on the space……

  • Sama AL-Tamimi

    I liked the purity, simplicity and complexity at the same time for this house design! Although I felt that it’s isolated from its context, I think that there was a beautiful combination between transparency and the integration of exterior environment within the interior, through having fully glazed facades…
    the idea of having spaces or rooms without walls is quite new and interesting! I liked it!

  • Farmehr Archi

    Which way is the ? i couldn’t find it on the plans

  • Shereen

    Can you tell me exactly what’s the address of this Villa?Because I can’t find it on Google Maps

  • mahtab.g

    it’s good .i like this villa.thanks