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  7. House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho

House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho

  • 01:00 - 13 January, 2009
House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho
House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho

House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho +9

  • Architects

  • Location

    Penafiel, Portugal
  • Architects

    Claudio Vilarinho
  • Engineering

    Apótema - Gabinete de Projectos Eléctricos, Rita & Gás, Lda. + Futureng, Lda. + Objecto, Engenharia e Construção Lda.
  • Contractor

    Objecto, Engenharia e Construção Lda. + Others
  • Project Year


From the architect. When in a highest stage we are descending the existing path, we see a volume that comes down and accompanies us; suddenly this volume leans up and projects itself to the valley.

The parking is located below the house (standing 10m in the air), the floor is made out of cement slabs that enables the circulation of a car while the grass grows.

The access to the main entrance of the house it's done through a "negative in the centre of the body" (a patio that contains a small tree).

Besides this opening in the roof, it has other four; we explore ways of air circulation, shades, contemplation; we want to enable different atmospheres.

The program is the conventional one for a house with four bedrooms.

In the elaboration of the project we had the need to orient the openings for the sights towards the horizon, on the other hand those same openings are predominantly oriented to West and South, leaving the East façade completely closed.

1- a skin, a body;

a. on the walls of the façade,

b. on the exterior ceilings,

c. on the balconies floors,

d. on the patios floors,

e. and on the roof.

We wanted the sealing of the house's terrain to be permeable (wooden slats 6x6cm).

The construction system is made out of Light Steel Frame.

Cite: "House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho" 13 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Margaret Stephenson · April 20, 2013

Why do you have to build such awful square boxes for a house this could not possibly be a home it looks a coffin to be buried in there are such beautiful buildings in Portugal with such style why to you have to think that plain square boxes are beautiful thrust or no thrust!! a child could draw these,infact ask a child to draw a house and theres would have more style, from an Artist who appreciates all kind of Art works and form but not these

minjunarchi · June 27, 2012

House 1 in Penafiel / Claudio Vilarinho | ArchDaily @archdaily ??

Jim · October 15, 2010

The photos would be better if they took the dead body wrapped in plastic out of the side yard.

James Clifton-Harrison · October 14, 2010

Lovely building, I remember scouring the books in college and finding this and similar stress/balance ideas in pre-stressed concrete. I like the lightness of the structure but, like the others, more detailed pictures of the build (like insulation and interior sound isolation) and the finished project.

cookitaly · March 13, 2010

Loan Modification : Mor

???? · July 26, 2009

Cool Design: Manifesto House.

pqueiros · March 10, 2009

'House in Penafiel' Looks like this 'House in Gerês'

Don Leopardo · January 20, 2009
Rokas · January 14, 2009

thanks :)
I agree,its a pitty that there arent the photo from other side.
The puristic facade, I think comes from 2 points-a)to have "pure",sculpture-like fascade;b)to feel at home alone with this fantastic landscape(note,that the road is very close to the house-you know-the cars,people passing by...).To me its the manifesto of the dinamic solitude-the carport shows this very well-you enter into the "cave",like some monk,who's going away from the world-and,when you are in it-gone-you see the light-its the sort of the tunnel,of the journey-when you enter in one side and emerge in the other-its some sort that you have made a journey between the worlds.Some sort ot the time-space machine :)
And-besides-The house deals pretty well with its function-I think that one must have a pretty sharp mind to make a beautifull,sculpture like body,which is suitable to live in comfort(eastetical and phisical).

Carlo · January 14, 2009

of course a building can have sculptural aspects, but in this case everything that constitutes archtecture is put aside just for the sake of the grand gesture. You have to agree with me that in this case the formal ambition was priority. ok, we dont see the other facade, but from this side the pure formal gesture was the main ambition.
you could call that formalism!!

interesting discussion by the way


Rokas · January 14, 2009

ok,then lets do some more glass boxes-that fullfill the funcional needs.Or lets stick to the 50's fubctionalism?Sorry guys,but these thoughts is like the one's of Nikita Chruschev.By the way-what's wrong with sculptural looking houses?(If it's not like the ones like the O'gehry's?These are art-arent suitable to live in).Whats wrong with austerity?To have focus?Colleque,do you have an eye on your ear?

Carlo · January 14, 2009

nice, then let' see what adolf loos said:

"Only a very small part of architecture belongs to art: the tomb and the monument. Everything else that fulfils a function is to be excluded from the domain of art."


Rokas · January 14, 2009

"Architecture is an art"-O.Niermeyer

Carlo · January 14, 2009

From outside it looks interesting, however very monumental for the context. The monumentality is given due to the hermetically closed facade . When you look at the floor plans you ask yourself, why the room allocated along this wall cannot get natural light. I understand the notion to avoid views to the neighbourhood but there would have been many solutions to make openings that allow natural lighting and privacy. These openings would also have reduced the purely sculptural look of the house, thus making it more an architectural object than an art piece. I' m sure the main view is great though.

Rokas · January 14, 2009

Maria,there are continuity in this project!!It's white-as the others,it isnt overwhelming the view to others, it answers the questions in topographical way.Do you miss some cantelevered towers?

bentply · January 14, 2009

Wow, this firm has some great work! As the project progresses, it would also be nice to see a roof detail also. I've always been curious to know how these white boxes detail their roofs/drainage.

roadkill · January 14, 2009

please some more images... looks quite interesting and we can all learn from it. Thanks

devoid · January 14, 2009

This house isn't finished yet, that's why there is no interior images.

michael · January 13, 2009

with no interior images, this house simply becomes an nice object. I'd like to see the southern framed view looking out over the landscape.

Maria-Louiza Laopodi · January 13, 2009

I really like the design and technology of this project but I must admit it kinda stands alone in the overall environment. I know that it shouldn't look like anything else, it is what it's suppose to be, but my understanding of the living environment is that there's got to be some flow, visual and/or aesthetic flow. There's something I miss here. I would also like to see some interior pictures.

Chet · January 13, 2009

please landscape!

Rokas · January 13, 2009

very,very articulated and great in it's simpicity-an elegant solution to all the surrounding

Rokas · January 13, 2009


Pablo · January 13, 2009


Contemporary Art · January 13, 2009

Cool neighborhood, and a nice project. It's interesting to me that it's so directional, that the thrust of the house is so obviously all to one place. It's almost like a sort of stage or movie theatre; the rest of the house exists in relation to the big pane of windows.

Arturo Lopez · January 13, 2009

It looks really interesting. Simple shape, simple solution and succesful hoovering effect.
We miss images of the west facade! ...hope it doesn´t ruin the purity of the ship


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